ZEUSING mission DO's and DO NOTs

well its about time that i share some of my Zeus experiences with everyone im going to start by giving mission ideas that i have done in the past and then go to DO’s and DO NOTs

A. So the first mission im going to talk about was one of the first i ever did it was an attack and defend the team was supposed to invade a town and hold it till reinforcements arrived [any time you see anything in brackets its a tip btw]

Objectives: invade town, hold town and wait for reinforcements [it is very useful to use the objectives markers under the modules tab]

Do’s and DO NOTs: DO make the objective clear, DO have military buildings from what i found everyone likes it when a town has truly been invaded [under the units tab and the far right yellow marker for buildings], DO NOT add to many troops i made this mistake and it made the mission WAY to hard and not as fun.

Extras: something that i like doing is saying hey the friendlies back at base have artillery and they have the ability to assist you with 2 (or whatever number of barrages) of arty strikes [under modules and fire support be careful they cannot be delete once spawned], personally i don’t like using the ace tablet so i will place resupply crates strategically along the route unmarked so the person who finds it can share it with the team.

If you want any help learning zeus or want to co zeus with me poke me in ts and i will do my best i also encourage you to apply for zeus it is great fun and helps the community.