Zeus Server.

This whole weekend the Zeus server is setup to mirror the NAK Tac setup. All of the mods are installed and ACE is configured similar to the final NAK Tac settings. Take some time this weekend and visit the NAK Zeus server. Feel free to come alone or with your Squad. All NAK Elite and white-listed Zeus will be able to log in as Zeus to add some vehicles and some bad guys to shoot at. Although the server is not limiting mods, I recommend that you use this time to get used to the mods that we will be using on NAK Tac. To get the full NAK Tac experience you will need the following collection of Mods:

Steam Workshop::NAK Tac/Zeus Basic.

By the way the server is password protected: NAKTactest

Here are some resources that may help you get started. https://naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=240

Arma is crashing when I am in Zeus and try to open the map. Is this happening to anyone else? Or, does anyone else know of a change to my settings etc. to fix this? Thanks.

It seems to be fixed.