Zeus server restrictions and guidelines

In the last week or so we have had a few Zeus negatively effect the Zeus server performance do to elements they added to the missions.
The primary cause is the Achilles module that changes the default player/AI animation. The reason this such an issue for the server is that every frame, as much as 60 times a second, the server has to stop the default programmed animation and replace it with the animation selected by the Zeus. If this is done to one or two characters it not that bad for the server, but some Zeus have been changing the animations on 20 or more characters. I do not want to ban the module, so I would ask that all Zeus keep this in mind. I will be reviewing the logs, and issuing warnings, then removing Zeus whitelisting if this continues.

The second issue that is causing the server problems is some Zeus like to use lots of mines, I’m talking 500 - 1000. The mines along with all the other items needed for the mission greatly effect the server performance. It is the responsibility of the Zeus not to do anything that adversely effects the server, therefore doing this is against the server rules. If you want a mine field to show up on the map you do not need thousands of mines to do this. If you are trying to keep the players in a confined area, find another way, I know you are all creative enough.

If as a Zeus or player you notice the the Zeus server is lagging, or you notice some other performance issue, report it to me or another Admin.

One last quick note, which is why all Admin are also copied on this message. It is now required that all Zeus players be on TeamSpeak. At first we will be enforcing as needed. If a user joins and is not on TeamSpeak, do not threaten then with being kicked or banned, just inform them of the rule and help them join the TeamSpeak server. If they refuse, report it to an Admin.

If you have any questions, please feel free to poke me in TS, or send me a PM through the website.

:CC to Zeus forum for future reference