Zeus Mission Ideas


I just wanted to share some of the Zeus mission ideas I’ve done that have worked out good and have been a fun mission for both me and the players. This is for other Zeus’ers that feel like their out of mission ideas. I would also like to hear other from other Zeus’ers if they got any other missions they’ve done that have worked out good.

Here is a list of my missions I’ve done that have worked out good:

  • Military Patrol

  • Rescue Helicopter Crew

  • Rescue C-130 Pilots

  • Rescue HVT

  • Kill HVT/Officer

  • Transport HVT from point A to B

  • Patrol(convoy from point A to B)

  • Clearing a town/city/area

  • Destroy Artillery Position

  • Mine Clearing(with convoy patrol)

  • Ambush Enemy Convoy

These are some missions that I’ve made that worked out less good:

  • Extract Hostile HVT, Alive.(Stealth)

  • Destroy Hostile FOB/HQ

  • CAP/CAS Mission

  • Artillery Mission

Of course these missions could’ve been more successful if the mission got played out better from both a Zeus and a player stand point. And I believe most of them can be played out better.

A lot of the missions have had side missions such as artillery position, intel or officer location and etc. Just to make the mission more interesting and a bit more of a challenge. I’ve had player controlled CAS, artillery and support available aswell, although I haven’t find that so effective/successful for the mission unless there is a medium-large playerbase(10+ players). Again I’d love to know about more mission ideas from other Zeus’ers that have worked out good for them, also so we can have more missions we could Zeus just so it doesn’t feel like we’re doing the same thing over and over again.

I’ve also attached a text document which contains resupply scripts/code(or whatever they’re called). Basically copy one of the three desired resupply ways. Then if a Fire Team Leader/Squad Leader calls in a supply drop, just use the Zeus module on the supply crate called “Paste Inventory” (Modules>Arsenal>Paste Inventory). (Click on the supply drop as it’s falling down using the module then click replace and then paste the code and hit OK. Info about the different resupply codes are in the text document. Thanks to VileAce for helping out with the resupply.
Resupply Zeus.txt (27.6 KB)
From Zeus for Zeus.
-David Wilson

Nice overview.

Hey David, I’d like to give you some feedback on your previous missions.

On multiple or mostly all missions you have hosted that I have been in, I am usually squad lead, and I have to say that communicating with you as command is a charm, everything works out great.

I do usually enjoy your missions, but I do think you sometimes get a bit too repetitive, for example, you do a lot of HVT extraction missions, and they are usually good, but you make too many of them and it gets too repetitive.

I would like to see a bigger variation of missions, including defense missions and even convoy missions a lot more often, rather than the same constant scenario.

But your missions are usually all very well executed and planned, fair for all players and enjoyable. I really want to give you huge props for actually being such an active Zeus, as you are one of the only Zeuses in NAK that make several missions ever day, thanks for your hard work and keep up the hard work! Hopefully someday we can Zeus a mission together in the future :slight_smile:

You can also get inspiration in reading the forum posts under https://www.naksquad.net/submitted-missions/