ZEUS (How to master the commonly used Zeus functions?)

Hi All! I’m writing this post to discuss about the common functions used by Zeus to set up missions when using ZEUS & Ares/Achilles Mods. This should serve as an Intro or reference manual to any new & existing Zeus. Please let me know if you know some tricks that wasn’t noted below, or if I made any mistakes below :slight_smile:

All pictures are linked from open internet source. You’re welcome to use the contents in this post for non-commercial purpose only. Please give me author credit if posting any contents in other locations, including NAK Forums.

Primary Functions
1. Units (1st Icon with 1 person)
2. Groups (2nd Icon with 3 people)
3. Modules (3rd Icon with 3 rotors)
4. Markers (4th Icon with a cross in circle)
5. Recent (5th Icon with a star)

Common functions in Modules
Add/Remove objects: Modules-Zeus → Add/Remove editable Objects → Place icon on desired location → Select options
Time: Modules-Environment → Skip time/ Set date/ Time acceleration → Place icon on desired location → Select options
Weather: Modules-Environment → Weather/ Advance Weather Change → Place icon on desired location → Select Options
Respawn: Modules-Respawn → Players (BLUEFOR, OPFOR or Civilian if applies) → Place icon on desired location
Arensal: Place an object/vehicle on desired location → Modules-Arensal → Add Arensal (Full, Basic NATO/CSAT/AAF) → Click on
the desired object/vehicle
Teleport players: Modules-Players → Teleport → Select desired location → Select player(s) to teleport → TELEPORT
Play an AI as Zeus: Modules-Zeus → Zeus → Remote Control or Switch Unit → Select desired AI to play
Fire Support: Modules-Fire Support → Select Fire Support type → Place icon on desired location → BOOM
Avoid putting kill zone of artillery strikes within close proximity range to players

Common NATO assets that Zeus can spawn for players (Depending on mission nature, Included but not limited to)
Ground vehicles:
MBT (Slammer)↓



Transport-Hunter (Assorted types - From Left to Right: Unarmed / GMG / HMG) + Transport-QuadBike↓

Transport-Hemtt (Assorted types such as: Repair/ Medical/ Ammo/ Fuel/ Transport-Covered/ Transport-Uncovered)↓

Air assets:







Marine assets:
SWCC Speedboat↓

Assault boat (RHIB)↓

SDV Submersibles↓