Zeus game

I was having great amount of fun with newton’s Zeus game, mostly because he didn’t go the main cliche way a lot of Zeus’s go…then an admin came on and had to end the fun, in all honestly, the game was going greatly and I’m not going to expose the admin’s name, just newton kept the game interesting, and the moment he was no longer Zeus, the game slowly became a cliche that most modern military shooters do now which quickly tired some players to the point teamspeak was almost purely silent because the fun was over.

It is the Zeus’s responsibility to make sure that the server is accessible to all players and to maintain the performance of the server, by not placing to many dynamic objects or large bases in the game.
It is the admins job to make sure that the Zeus’s are obeying the rules. The admin did not in any way say Newton had to end his mission.
Another Zeus deleted some of Newtons items from the map and the Admin spoke to that Zeus.
The admin only asked you not to negatively comment on other Zeus creations in TS, as no one can make all players happy. We have a form for players to leave comments on how well a Zeus is doing, TeamSpeak is not the place to tell a Zeus he “sucks”.
FYI you are the only player that left, the other players as well as a few more enjoyed the game for hours.