Zeus Experts

There are quite a few Zeus in our community that have become experts with Achilles and Zeus in general. What I would like is for the Zeus experts out there to share their knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques.

To help encourage the expert Zeus in the NAK Community to share their knowledge, we are adding a Zeus Expert group in TeamSpeak. The Zeus Expert group will have three levels, bronze, silver and gold. To become a member of the NAK Zeus Expert group you will need to submit new topics/posts in the Zeus Tips and Techniques forum.

For a post to be counted, it needs to be original content created by the Zeus. You are welcome to add links and supporting information to the topic, but do not copy and paste another person’s work. Each post will be given a point value based on the quality of the content. To be accepted into the Bronze Zeus Expert group, you will need 3 points, 10 for silver and 20 for gold.

Some examples of post that you might make. Instructions for how to…, A video showing…, A composition file players can load into editor then save in Zeus, Top ten tricks, List of key bindings you should know, and much more.

The second reason for the Zeus Expert group is to inform new Zeus who they can go to if they have questions about Zeusing on NAK Servers.

Start making content today, and get your Zeus Expert Tag.