Y-32 Xi'an Spawn Time

Since I have started to fly the Xi’an more I can’t help but notice how long it takes for it to spawn. The Blackfoot I believe spawns faster, I was just making this post to see if the timer could get revisited unless you guys just have a specific reason as to why it is set as it is.

The respawn is only set to the current time because in the right hands the Xi’an can be a little over powered. We will look at it again, as it has been used less since the jets DLC.

yeah, since I have had time to fly it longer I am realizing the potential it has in the right hands.

Me and razor went almost 200 kills and 9 AOs (0 deaths!) before I had to leave to go to bed.

I’ve told people for months that the Y32 is a killing machine and they would just laugh.