Working with Copy and Paste Inventory to/from Clipboard with Achilles

Hey there.

Today I was playing around with the idea of make building “Escape-mode” ops easier and faster for Zeus.
going into Inventory stuff, I saw that making a costume box with ammo, weapon or equipment is not easy.
Zeus has to do it all before starting and it takes a long time to do that.
But I also saw this Advanced Compositions - Running Scripts and Zeus : which says that outside-game copying is not allowed!
can I as Zeus Do some costume inventories in the Editor and copy it in Clipboard and save it to my pc for my op later and paste them in-game when I need them to build an op using the following modules :confused:: :

Is it also not allowed? or is copying inventory items to clipboard from the computer and then pasting them in-game is not a problem?
I don’t want to break the rules so I want to be 100% sure of what to do and not to do!

I was typing a reply when I lost power. Yes you may use the Arsenal copy and paste, we have a post in the tips and tricks forum that explains how to use it. What you can not use is the “Execute Code” module, or any other method to load an SQF file, I believe that there is one other module under Advanced Compositions called paste SQF that is not allowed.