Withdrawn - Warden's Application

22 years of age
In Game Name: Warden
Previous Name: LtCol. Ashton
TS3 Name: Warden
About 95% of game time is on Arma Nak.
The reason I want to become an admin is that I have been with the community for awhile and I would like to see it and help it progress more to a positive and friendly environment.

Requirement: 50 h
Time Played: 13:08:08

I do knot have any personal experience with Warden on the servers, so I cannot be a reference at this time.

As you do not have the required hours to be an Admin at this time, I am going to mark your application Withdrawn. Please feel free to re-apply once you have the required hours. You can check your hours with http://www.gametracker.com. If you would like to contribute to the NAK community and get to know some of the other admins at the same time, please talk to me in TeamSpeak.