Withdrawn - Red's Application

28 years of age
In Game Name: Red
Previous Name: N/A
TS3 Name: Red
Steam Profile Link
About 95% of game time is on Arma Nak #1 & Nak #4 Zeus.

Hi. I’m Red and I’m applying to become an admin on your servers. Perhaps unlike others who consider submitting an admin application, I solely want the authority of an admin to be able to help those playing on our servers. As an admin of other games and servers, I have practiced a laissez-faire, or hands-off, policy. As an admin I would be available whenever I am online to help solve issues including, but not limited to, team-killers, rule violators, and Teamspeak Channel moderation.This does not mean I will “harass” players with admin authority, or follow players, or do anything to detract from the way THEY want to play the game, provided that their play is within server rules and regulations.

An admin’s technological tools should be the last line of defense for most rule-breakers. In real life, I am a teacher and used to dealing with all different kinds of personalities/outbursts/attitudes/behaviors. My first approach is to de-escalate the situation. I then take the offender aside and explain to them why the behavior is unacceptable. A second incident gets a final warning. Finally, future incidences result in proportional punishment.

I guess, at the end of the day, I only want to be an admin to help other players have fun and enjoy their experience. A simple example is that yesterday, while playing Zeus, there were a few players on the server that would NOT get on Teamspeak, and no amount of warning from me would get them to join. In addition, there was one continual team-killer. These two facts made other players frustrated and removed them from their immersion. This kind of a situation called for an admin, and I’d like to be able to fill that position.

Edit: I forgot a recommendation. I suppose VileAce is my recommendation, as he asked me yesterday when I would submit this! I’m also acquaintances with Archer, as well.

Edit2: I apologize I did not realize that was a specific template. I have directly answered the questions using Warden’s application as a template. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Admin Applications template
In order to be an admin, you must:
-Be 18 years of age or older
-steam profile link ( copy/paste link here ex: Steam Community :: claws01):
-Played on the server for at least 50 hours
-Must use teamspeak
-Have a recommendation from one of the current admins
-Be a cool person
-Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin.

Edited in response to c0p0ut’s reply.

I hate to be the first one too comment, but…

My first opinion of your application is that you will not enforce the NAK community rules as written. “An admin’s technological tools should be the last line of defense for most rule-breakers.” We have set rules for a reason, not just to give the rule breaker a fair chance to know the rules, with warnings for most infractions, but also to make sure that the rest of players are protected from the rule breaker. I believe that our rules are well thought out and fair to all NAK community members.

Can you provide an example of what you mean by an admin’s technological tools should be the last line of defense?


Sure. Glad you asked. It’s hard to encapsulate a philosophy without a discussion.

Essentially, Vile, it’s precisely what you do: If a player is breaking a rule, the first thing you do is, as I have seen and heard myself, go and talk to the player. You explain that they are breaking the rules and tell them to stop.
If the player continues after this warning you proceed to use your “technological tools” such as kicking or banning the player from the respective server.

That’s exactly what I mean by my above philosophy. If you simply boot a brand-new player off the server because they didn’t read the rules and decided to play on the ground as a Pilot on Nak #1, you are in the right, but what if all the player needed was to be told the rules and they might become one of our most valued community members? That will likely not ever happen if you simply “kick first and ask questions later.”

Let’s use a simple Zeus example: If there are players not on Teamspeak, I use chat to remind them of the server rules and regulations. If they do not respond or refuse to join Teamspeak, should I use Zeus’ lightning bolt to kill them repeatedly to prevent them from playing? I wouldn’t. As an admin my next step would be, like you do, to tell them orally, specifically, that they need to do this immediately or they will be kicked. Only THEN would I use the kick paddle or ban hammer.

Finally, I think there is perhaps some confusion regarding what I call “hands-off” admin-ing. That simply means that I do not intend on SEEKING OUT the rule breakers, but promptly and fairly responding to any player complaints or server flags. I will not use my admin abilities for anything other than corrective action–no goofing around, no manipulation of/for players, etc. Essentially my philosophy is to be only a REACTIVE admin.

That being said, I’m fairly active, so it’s not like it would be hard to find me if there was a problem.

I hope this answers your question/concern.

+1, Red is well thought of in the community, many players look to him for advice. Red has also been helpful to NAK Staff when his help has been requested.



+1, Red has helped me with the Zeus server testing (he was recommended for the job through other admins) without asking for anything in return. He shows maturity and is very level headed.

Only being a REACTIVE admin implies allowing rules to be broken until someone else complains about it to an admin. Part of playing on the servers or monitoring the servers remotely as an admin is to ensure the playing environment is fair and consistent. If an admin is seen playing in the server and allowing multiple rule violations to take place in front of them without addressing those issues until someone else complains, this could be interpreted as the admin condoning such activities. Being an admin is not a “hands-off” responsibility. It is very much being involved in the community and taking appropriate action when needed even when it may not be the popular thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do. Being PROACTIVE to reduce problems and complaints before it gets to that point may be the better approach.

This is especially important as one approved as a Zeus where the Rules for Zeus state in #6: Do not turn a blind eye to those who break rules. As well as under the Zeus Rules for Players #9: Speak up against those infringing the rules.

-10 from what I have heard and what you have said is not what happens when a player is breaking the rules. My response to this is that an admin has told me that you aren’t following the rules yourself, or simply you have not read them 10 - 20 times over and over again. As an player putting in a admin app you should really know what the rules are because these are the rules of NAK. As you have posted before I can tell you that we do not just kick or ban players straight up, we give all players 2 chances and then a kick then a ban. Do you not think that is not fair to the players? And with your example of the Zeus thing that to me is admin Abuse. My final point is what do you mean by “perhaps unlike others who considerr submitting an admin application, I solely want the authority of an admin” please explain?

I have withdraw my application due to the evident impossibility of becoming an admin due to personal bias unrelated to my potential ability as an admin.