Withdrawn - May reapply - DEX Admin Application

In order to be an admin, you must:
-Be 18 years of age or older
29 years
-steam profile link:
-Played on the server for at least 50 hours
-Must use teamspeak
Yes, all the time on teamspeak, even though if I’m not in game, love conversation on TS.
-Have a recommendation from one of the current admins
-Be a cool person
I think I’m cool.
-Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin.
Its been quite some time in NAK server family. Came across some excellent people in ARMA. I won’t name them, others will feel bad and jealous. But you know whom I’m talking about.
I like taking responsibility. Do some admin management work when admins are not around.
Help players on the server who are new so that they know what our rules are, before they get kicked out.
Take the initiative to update the admin on the server feedback and players who abuse in the server.
I have to thank NAK Altis server, this is where I brushed my piloting skills(BRRRRRRRRRTT…)

Lastly Vileace, you’re an excellent person with great patience, as you take the time to explain new players how its done…

Thank you, I hope you will consider my application.
See you in the battlefield.

+1. Very helpful and friendly player. Just one small comment; during the Admin training you will be required to have a mic. A mic is not required, once you are a Admin, but it is recommended.


I agree, very helpful. I was going to bring up the mic issue as that is about the only downside I have, but you beat me to it. Still is effective in game using text chat though.

+1 for mic, I need to definitely get it now. Thanks for pointing it out.

+1 Dex 4 Guvnah of California

Unfortunately Dex has informed us that he will be leaving for a year, for work. Although he will be able to join on on TS and the web site from time to time, he will not be able to effectively compete administrative duties. For this reason he will be withdrawing his application. He is more than welcome to resubmit his application once he is able to join us on the servers.


Thank you Vileace and all the head admins, for considering this. I will be in touch with you guys from time to time via forum and Teamspeak.
I had a lovely time with you guys in NAK Arma 3 servers.
Thank you for all your support.
Will miss you all.
Wish you all the best NAK.