Withdrawn - May reapply - Admin Application from LDbutcher

hello my name is jerry im 21 years old and from the netherlands in the timezone CEST.
my ingame name is LDbutcher also on steam and ts3. Steam Community :: LD BUTCHER
i have played arma 3 over 200 hours and i found it an amazing game, although i went away for a few months due exams but now im going back in arma like ive have never before.
i dont have any admin experience on arma 3 but i used to have on some minecraft servers back in the day and owned a rust server.
why i want to be an admin on nak, i really like the server so that means i want to keep it as healty as possible.
why i like naksquad, this is the server ive played from when i started with arma and it was so much fun because of all the nice people helping me and playing with me ive learned so much from the people on this server i want to repay them by helping other new players.

-1, The only reason that I am outright down voting your application is our records show that you have about 40 hours hours on our servers and only 10 hours in the last 90 days. To be an Admin we require that you have a minimum of 50 hours, so you are very close.

I also would personally like it if you would play on the server for another 30 days or so, join TeamSpeak, and get to know some of the admins. This way you can make sure that NAK is the server group that you would like to Admin for, a lot has changed in the 3 months that you have been away. Also find out what is involved in being an admin on NAK servers it may be different than you would expect.

okay thank you for your reply, i will take all this information and use it for my next application.