Withdrawn - Leshii/Encryptedlogic413

1. Steam ID or Profile Link: Steam Community :: Cpl. Leshii "Medevac 1"

2. Age: I am 22. 11/09/1995

3. Hours played on NAK servers.: 450

4. Total Arma 3 hours: 1,875

5. Recommendation from existing Admin(if given):

6. Reason for applying: I love helping and improving the Arma 3 community experience and game play. My experience and time with Nak grows and I would like to see it be one of “those” communities that people look back upon in the world of gaming 50 years from now when browsing old forums and games and they stumble across our community and our family and culture unique to these servers is still thriving. As well, I would like to be able to be there to help others during my random hours online as I have come to discover that I am on much more when others are usually not. I can better cover the dead hours of NAK servers. I very strongly believe everyone that is a rank PVT and above within the NAK community to be a good gamer and I would also be honored to be able to help them with any issues or advice that is needed. To cap all here, I will be going to school for various fields of computer engineering, coding, and programming and would like to use these skills to assist lead admins in any tasks or ideas they have for the community until the day I can no longer type on my own free will. Illegitimi non carborundum.

7. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: I’m active military with many diverse experiences, as well as I am a good leader and can settle and diffuse negative situations to appeal to both sides. I am an eagle scout and going to school learning programming and basic languages. I have assisted many times with computer repair and solutions when involving internet use. I love the outdoors and bring with me many tips and tricks that help with the immersion of gameplay. I have developed a nice set of mission making and a outgoing attitude that has helped myself and those I associate with.

8. Estimated Activity: If I am approved as admin I will split my time as admin into half in-game and half monitoring. Hours I cannot say precisely due to my current occupation but I know I would do the job required of me and volunteer more as usual with those that know me to cover that I do enjoy helping out everyone versus my own self gain.

9. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: Maintaining good order and discipline. Enforcing rules and regulations. Settling disputes where applicable and recommending visit the website to submit reports where applicable. Assisting with in-game server issues such as glitches, TKs, trolling misuse of equipment and more. Assisting in developing teamwork as well as in our own way improve the community’s growth and positive publicity in our own unique ways that everyone has for such.

+1 Leshii is a great example of a friendly and helpful player. He is always willing to help others and give advice. He would be a very good addition to the NAK Command group. He is also a very good team worker from experience, he is coordinated, follows instructions and makes sure everyone is having no problems. He is also very patient and I believe he has the skills for what it takes to become a part of NAK Command

-1 I want to put a negative on this due to that a couple months ago you had made a Misconduct Report on yourself which i’m glad you were honest about that, but with that and how last week you went AFK while wanting to make a Zeus mission and I personally had to take over you had comeback after a hour. In my opinion if someone can’t take responsibility over a privilege like being Zeus being and wanting to become an Admin is a bigger responsibility than something like Zeus.

+1 My gut says no, My heart says yes. This is a brotherhood.

Hello Leshii,

First off, I would like to say please don’t take anything personal in this as I do think you are a great person with a great personality.

-1 because of the incident report that you had submitted for yourself as that is a red flag for me because if you were to make that mistake as an admin it could lead to problems and implications that could have been prevented if the right procedure was followed and completed properly.

Also, I have noticed from playing with you that you sometimes get off topic which isn’t bad in my opinion when you want to have some fun, but as admin you need to know the time and place for that and need to know how to act and present yourself when around other players and other admins.

Lastly, I do agree with what you think it is to be an admin, but admin is more than just what you listed. So, I hope you can see what I’m getting at if not then that is fine, but I hope you realize once you become an admin you are ready for the challenges that will come because being an admin is not easy and I’m pretty sure some of the other admins can agree with me on this one.

My decision is still -1 but I wish you the best with your application and if you get approved then ill be happy to work beside you and if you are denied then I hope you can take something from what the admins have said and can try again with another application.

-Lt Zero

+1 With long thought on this, I will be supporting your request to be an Admin with the community. I would like to explain the long thought process that went into my decision. Firstly let me start with the positive factors; You have a lot of experience in Arma 3 with a very high hour count, you are an active Zeus presenter and you seem to have a lot experience, you are a very friendly person which is liked by many players including myself, finally you are always willing to help other players when they need help and I have seen this for myself. The negatives that worry me are, firstly, your application made before and then the withdrawal which is indicative of a hesitation to make a decision, you tend to get a little over excited at times which tends to cloud better judgement of which needs to be controlled as an admin, finally not sure if you are committed enough to put in the time to serve the community and on this last point I will leave it to time and see if it is indeed a commitment there and I really hope it is not just for the rank and badge to show off!!! Best of luck with your application and look forward to working with you.

Yes, I know its not a good idea to afk while zeus BUT if if work calls someone away from the computer esp if Im not mistaken he is military, dont think anyone should be so critical about it as didnt happen several times…

If the reasons given was because of his work that be one thing ie “cant give the time required to do admin duties…”, but yas arent talking about that. You are talking about him having to leave in the middle of a zeus which has no bearing at all on being admin as the time requirements are totally not even remotely the same. I’m saying, unless Im wrong on this idea…, that admins dont have to sit around for hours nonstop… unlike zeus which requires you to dedicate a length of time ahead of time… which easily can go to hell due to something coming up in RL.

I see him more as an admin then zeus because of the past, far as I can tell I do not see any character flaws that would give me a reason to not vet him as a admin. People make mistakes and holding that against him still even after admitting and reporting himself over something which might not been under his control…

Im not staff so my vote doesnt matter but if it did I likely would say 80% approval only because there might be more to what I know and Im not around 24/7 either.

The problem is he did it again after the time that he reported himself. It is a violation of the rules. If he can not follow Zeus rules how can we be sure he will follow Admin rules. This is my big hesitation. I believe that most people can be trained to be good admins, but if they show that they do not follow the rules already, all the training will not change that behavior.

I see him more as an admin then zeus because of the past.

This confuses me and concerns me, considering another event that happened recently with Leshii and a couple players.

I personally have not made up my mind about this application, I’m still thinking about it.

Im going only on what I know Vile. Im saying from my perspective he is more admin viable then zeus because of his job… I wouldnt even allow a FF or a Cop let alone a doctor or anyone who might be ‘on call’ to be Zeus, because of the job not the person. As an admin I feel you got more leeway with ‘time’

If there more then to it all then this, you all in staff would know. That is why I didnt say 100% either because I wouldn’t know the all of it/the whole story just giving my opinion/point of view.

I dunno Im kinda biased not cuz of who it is but Ive been in your shoes Vile as a GM/Admin staff for a MMO but also as a volunteer, which had a 25 hours volunteering requirement doign work as an ARK per month shrugs

That’s fine, I was not attacking you or even your comments. Just clarifying. Just so everyone knows, there is no guidelines or rules that a Zeus or an Admin put in a specific amount of time.

There are many people that have put in applications for Zeus, but have never Zeus’ed, and there are some admins that are only online for a couple of hours a week.

We do have an expectation that a new Admin is online enough at first (until they are 1Lt) to put into practice what they have learned in training, but after that there are no set guidelines, other than an admin must not be absent completely for more than 90 days.

Coming up to my 1yr anniversary in NAK and over 3100+ hrs in ARMA 3, I’ve come across many types of players during my tenure. I believe LESHII wholeheartedly means well in wanting to help the community. He’s a strong proponent in regards to fairness and treating others with respect. As we all know, life is an ongoing process and with the help from peers we can help solidify the mold that is our community.

With all that mumble-jumble, I give Leshii the benefit of the doubt…


I don’t know him and never seen him on the Altis server so I can’t say, but would like to see him in action on are busy server!! fare as time ok, how dos he handle people? So for now NO I play on the server 10-12hrs a day! So come let more see you in action!! then yes or no! :mrgreen:

I have 2 concerns, first Leshii you have not been on any of the Arma server in 13 days, that is not unheard of for an established admin, but we generally expect new admins to put in a little more time than that. It is going to be very difficult to schedule your training and make sure that you have absorbed that training if you are not on but every 2 weeks.

My second concern is the rule violations. The first was when you reported yourself on Mon Apr 23, 2018, but then about 3 weeks ago you did the same thing. Aelgalden came to me, because players had been playing a mission you were making, you went AFK, but after an hour you had not come back. Most players would have had their Zeus whitelist removed. How can I be sure that if you are an Admin that you will follow the rules. I can not give any leeway when it come to enforcing the Admin rules and code of conduct.

Leshii can you address my two concerns?

Sorry. Currently dealing with military matters. Facing separation early on top of they took my personal belongings away. I’ve not exactly had any time to do anything for myself. I’d like to withdraw the application. I dont know if I’ll be around much longer given what’s going on. If I can return i would love to.

And as for the zeus mission incident, I am hoping any of the players of that time can recall me stating I was having internet issues and I will try. I attempted to reconnect many times and it would load in but pressing y would not load zeus. After about half an hour I lost complete internet service, and as I don’t have anyone in naks cell number I couldn’t call or text anyone about it. Interner service was resumed the following day temporarily and I could do minimal use. You could notice that time frame was around my last time in the naktac. For the reason I couldn’t connect or maintain connection.

In response to negative remarks on my application, no hard feelings and thank you for your feed back with the honesty. Same to the positive remarks, it is appreciated.

And actually a recap on the military but I’m facing. I have injuries. And I had one surgery for one of them. Today as a cherry on top. I just re injured it twice in a row. Wasting the surgery. Facing reduction in rank pay and liberty. Facing false accounts of negative remarks regarding conduct and professional standing. Which, seeing why, which is because I’m medically unable to work, they are charging me with refusal to train, when medically speaking it’s illegal to work. And once more I withdraw the application or request it is frozen or something unless approved and if approved I’d like it to be known my separation date at this moment unless the congressman can fix this is august 8th at midnight pst.

And lastly the time concern. I am getting out of the marine corps. The “elite” branch or as I call it the worst branch. All military guys can back this and the stuff we face say in and out even for smiling or breathing can cause us to lose everything. I’m out in a short amount of time. I get out and with getting out I’ll be at school and driving uber and food delivery. Depending when I have school morning afternoon or night or midnight. My plan is this, school, food delivery high demand times, uber high demand times, nak 2 hours if I’m admin I’ll use my phone and tablets to monitor games and I’ll have my computer if they give it back be set up in game split between gaming and admin and zeus or advertising the nak server.

Just right now. I am being what military call in two ways, blue falconer. Please dont call it an excuse. I’ve had my injuries called an excuse to not go running. These are the situations and I am doing my best. This is long. If you have questions please reply when and what they are. I’m going to go lose my paycheck to more uniforms for this inspection. Be safe and have a good game.