Withdrawn - j.kiel moderator/Warrant Officer app - withdrawn, ok to delete

App withdrawn

You have roughly 155 hours on our servers in total.

You answered in #6: “there are usually a couple of trolls every night in the off hours, would be nice to be able to deal with them”

Could you give further details as to how an Administrator/Moderator “Deals” with Trolls?

You also mentioned in #7 : " typical life experience dealing with people through work and whatnot, I have a short fuse but well restrained"

Having a “short fuse” is not a great quality to have when applying for an administrative role even with a “Well restrained” moral.

Being a part of Administrations while displaying patience and understanding (3rd party view or not) is a given. There’s no room for “short fuses” otherwise most of the disciplinary actions we apply would be “Ban now ask later” (Which is not how the structure goes)

I have mixed opinions about your application.
Looking at your chat logs you seem to be very helpful, answering players questions and such. On the other hand you indicate “there are usually a couple of trolls every night …” but not once in the last 4 months have you called for an admin to help resolve the situation. Every 10 minutes we send a global message “If you need help include Admin as part of the message, if a Admin is online, we will be happy to help you.”

Unfortunately your application does not provide a lot of insight about who you are and what your thoughts about being an admin. I would recommend that you spend some time talking to the other admins and find out what is truly involved in being an admin. There is much more to being an admin than server moderation and accountability for decisions taken.

  1. It’s important to try to communicate with them to make sure that you have an accurate picture of what’s going on and that they understand the expectation before taking any action.

  2. If they’re confirmed to be trolling/griefing, then dealing with them simply means kicking, banning or whatever action group policy dictates. Short fuse is a poor choice of words. It’s not in the explosive anger sense, but in the sense that I won’t play word games and whatnot for even two minutes with somebody who’s obviously trying to raise pulses.

I’ve tried once or twice to call an admin, but I think I put a pound in front of it thinking back. As a user I’m more inclined to just log off and do something else until next time. I’ll catch someone on the teamspeak in the future, might not be a good fit if the commitment is a lot more expansive than I’m thinking but we’ll see

For everyones benefit, you do not have to put a “#” sign in front of the word Admin, to call for an Admin to help. We do have a limited number of Admins, and it is not a paid position, so we can not expect there to be admins on 24 hours a day, but even while I am at work, I will be notified if someone types any form or variation of the word Admin in game chat. The only way to make NAK servers better is to help the Admins by pointing out problems on the server.

Wait this isn’t a paid position? JK. So I was on the Malden server the night before this post. Now there where a lot of trolls in TS. But I got Vile to come and remove them. Vile and I also informed everyone that if there any issues to type admin in any chat in game and if there’s an admin available they’ll help. After it calmed down I asked in TS if this is a common occurrence during this time of night and everyone seems to agree that it didn’t happen very often.

I don’t think its a lack of admins available, but more of the fact that players are not aware that they can type admin to get a hold of one. I think it’s one of those things that are over looked by the players, like reading and understanding the rules.

I talked to J.Kiel the other night provided a little more information about what we do as Admins and explained the WO. MP position. When we were done I asked him the come back to the application and add a little more detail about who he is. I my opinion J. Kiel is a good player with a calm, mature demeanor. Many of us have played with him, but because he is more quite than others he can be overlooked.

Take a look at the application again (it is updated) and his replies to your questions, and provide feed back, if you have any.