Withdrawn - Hige's Admin Appication

Steam-Steam Community :: DSI_Hige
Hours on servers-180-200
Use of teamspeak-Always
Recommendation from admin-VileAce
Reasoning for wanting to be admin
I’m well spoken, I can think inside, outside, and around the box, great in discussions, I have a good sense of whats right and wrong, I’v run my own servers before (Both in Arma and other games), and I’m alright leader.

At this time I am going to mark your application withdrawn. You are welcome to reapply at a later date. I have spoken to you privately, where we discussed an alternate role for you within NAK, where you can continue to support NAK in your area of expertise.

For other NAK users who read this, there are other “positions” within NAK, which will allow you to help the community without the time commitment to be an Admin. If you are interested in one of these positions please talk to Myself, Fox or c0p0ut.