Withdrawn - G0lden's Application

-Be 18 years of age or older: 25 years old
-steam profile link: Steam Community :: G0lden
-Played on the server for at least 50 hours: 104+ hours (primarily Altis)
-Must use teamspeak: I tend to fly a lot so I’m on often
-Have a recommendation from one of the current admins: I don’t recall any recommendations except for Rage who I haven’t seen on in quite a while.
-Be a cool person: I like to have fun.
-Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin.

So I guess I’ll start with previous experience: I used to admin for a life server in Arma 2 and I have found that sticking to the structure (warning then kick etc) and not listening to he said she said or getting personal is the absolute best way to moderate.
I have been playing on your servers for quite a while now. I never really wanted to commit (yeah yeah I have commitment issues) because of my work schedule with the military and life. I am currently in a transition status with my job so for several to many months I am on a very set and easy schedule and I would love to help out the community more during this time and even afterwards when I can. I’m sure many of the admins know me from telling them about trolls and tkers and the like and I would like to have the opportunity to reduce the load and help out. I haven’t played on any other arma 3 server in several weeks now because I love the direction the servers and the community are going. I tend to fly a lot but I’m branching out more into zeus and I have always loved squad oriented action.
I like to have and promote fun while keeping in tune with the server rules. I like to help out new players and teach because it’s always been a thing with me to remember that I was there once and a little bit of help can keep good players coming back.
I hope to play more of a role in your community and I’m always here to help out.

In my opinion G0lden is the exact type of person that would make a great admin. But…I want to make everyone aware that as an admin you will not be able to have a position in the upper echelon of the NAK Full Tactical Combat Company. At a minimum the top three positions on the NAK Full Tac Combat Company will be reserved for non-admins. We very much would like the Unit to be guided by players not admins. If you are sure that you would prefer and Admin role, and by transitive property, a role in the Headquarters Company over a senior role in the Combat company role, then I give +1

Awesome, thanks for the quick response. I think for now I will stick with outside of the headquarters environment considering that you guys are normally available and quick to respond to any issues with the public servers. The milsim part is in its infancy and I’d like to be a part of contributing to and expanding that.