Withdrawn - CrazyKat Admin Application

-Be 18 years of age or older
over 18
-Played on the server for at least 50 hours
at least 500 of my playing hours has been in nak servers over 2-3 years
-Must use teamspeak
-Have a recommendation from one of the current admins
Claws lol
-Be a cool person
I hope so, a half blind Sniper/medic haha cool in a way I wont shoot u, but if I did I would miss. LOL
-Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin.
Native American (Cherokee - 2 spirits), I have lotts time to play can be online every day, was Admin before and like to help make/keep the Nak Team #1 server in ARMA3

Hey CrazyKaT can you post your steam ID.

Looks like he became a member of the forums 10 days ago. Only seeing about 24 hours of NAK server game time via BM. Per GameTracker on the Altis server, first logged in 03-08-17 and has about 2 hours of playtime.

Yeah ok thanks anyway. Delete my Application.

it’s serious, Kat?

Yes, I just thought I’d try rejoin nak again as an Admin and help out like I did before, I seen a lot things had changed, a lot players left, dunno why but times change lol I always tried to make the nak a great fun place when I was here before, I remember other players always saying that I didn’t have many kill points, but to ne I didn’t care I just was there as admin to watch the server and make the players game fun . I wasn’t worried about my score. I know me tring to come back to nak and be admin again, no one here knows me because alotta new people. guess I was rushing things, oh well, so yes just delete my application, I can still play in servers and have fun.

CrazyKat noone is questioning your commitment to NAK or your kill count. I for one appreciate you previous commitment to NAK and all the hours you have played here in the past. After you have 50 hours on ours server, within the last 6 months, please feel free to reapply for an Admin position. During that time, get to know the other Admin’s, help other players online and in TS, have self-discipline; integrity and have fun (whether that is kill counts or not). If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.