Why doesnt NAK use discord?

I was curious on why NAK doesn’t use discord instead of teamspeak. (In my opinion) Its easier to use, and looks cleaner. Plus discord is free to host a server. Is there some big reason that I’m missing?

Because we can’t host discord :blush:

And discord takes up more internet then teamspeak

Discord lacks many of the features that NAK relies on and the performance of TeamSpeak is still much better.

  • The Discord desktop client is web application written in JavaScript. Players system performance when joining servers with a lot of people online can be greatly effected, and we know how well Arma is written so players computers can already be taxed.
  • Discord does not allow sub channels.
  • Discord does not support TFAR.
  • Discord does not allow the level of permissions we use.
  • Discord audio compression and clarity are not as good as TeamSpeak.
  • Discord does not allow players/admins to join multiple voice servers and/or channels at once. We are still working on a way to allow ground troops and pilots to communicate without 50 players being in the Pilots channel and discord would not allow that.
    -Like Claws stated Discord does not allow you to host your own server, so if there are issues, there is nothing we can do. Also Discord being hosted by them, requires that we agree to their License Agreement, which had changed numerous times in the last 2 years. At any time we might have to shut down the server because they to not agree with something we are doing.
  • Last, Discord does not have any logging. That would require that an Admin be on 24 hours a day, to make sure and capture what is happening on the server.

We are always looking for the best tool for the job, and as Discord changes we will continue to look at it, but at this time it does not measure up to NAKs needs as well as TeamSpeak does.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you

example of what happens when u don’t host your own data https://www.ghacks.net/2017/06/30/photobucket-now-charges-399-for-third-party-hosted-images/