what si going on with TS?

I get on to a full server which is great because it means fun and people are here doing stuff. But on TS, wow, the guys are talking about figet spinners and the mod for it. They are blowing up all sorts of stuff and the server is nothing but people goofing off on TS. Can we get some enforcement? I poked claws, and I tried to get them to chill out, but no go. They are taking slots where people are trying to get into, pilot slots of course. And they are ejecting on the carrier, crashing, and not doing anything game related. Maybe they do not need to be on TS and can start a group on the server and talk stupid there? Clear the channel on TS for actual game players? And free up the pilot slots from people playing with new mods not related to the game? A little enforcement and cleaning up of the TS would be great since I say the word fart and get warned. Why are they even allowed in there?

I usually go into the 2nd channel when things get crazy. But i do agree, i get headaches from the TS chat lately.