Weapons Mods

I am having issues with the weapon sounds. I’m on the server (Altis, Malden, or Stratis, makes no difference) traveling as a group, and I cannot see some of my team’s weapons nor can I hear the report of their rifle. Sometimes I don’t even realize they’re engaging until I hear the pew pew of the projectile itself or they happen to call out the enemy contact. Usually, if I’m on point I can hear the bullet whizz and it gets my attention, but if I’m in the rear I hear nothing until the enemy return fire. This is taking the fun out of it sometimes.
I have collected weapons mods out the ying yang (all from the workshop) but I still have this issue. Is there a comprehensive list of weapons addons so I can download every single one of them? I saw VileAce’s post “Only Mods You Need” and the post from Claws01 listing many mods allowed and those that are not. I have all those mods and still have a problem. I haven’t seen the issue when I join vanilla servers or in the virtual arsenal.
Has it been considered to limit the weapons mods to a specific set of good stable mods so all players see all weapons?
I’m open to suggestions.
Frustrated NAK player

Unfortunately when a mod uses a different graphic or sound for the weapon, unless you have the same mod, as another player, you will not see or hear it. One of the reason that players like to play on NAK servers is that we allow them to use most weapons mods. The down side is there is virtually no way to make sure that you have all the mods of other players, nor would you want to have to download and load all possible mods. There are some popular mods that most players use. The best thing to do is go to Steam Workshop and search for weapon mods “by popularity all time” and download them.
The other thing you will want to do is load one of two (based on compatibility) of the popular sound mods, as this may help with at least hearing the weapon of other players. You may still run into issues as there are many sound mods out there and in this case running multiple mods that do the same thing will not help you, as they can over right the functionality of each other.
My personal advice is to load only the mods that you need. I would not load mods just because other players use them. But I do understand your frustration with not being able to hear your squad mates weapon.
Lastly, sign up for our NAK Full Tactical “MilSim” Unit if you like to play Arma with squad based tactics. When you join a unit such as ours, all players will have the same mods loaded, so you will not run into this problem, when playing on the Unit server.

Yessir, thanks for the reply. Sounds like very good advice. I will mess with a few more addons but will also try the sound packages.

_ I now have 35 (35!) weapons mods loaded trying to fix this issue. Can provide list if needed, but all the popular ones and some that I thought “why not?”
_ I tried a sound mod and no joy. I don’t use sound mods usually, but willing to try anything. (I have only JSRS Sound Mod, can someone suggest more good ones?)
_ I had a teammate join with me using only CUP Weapons, we both have the Steam Workshop version enabled, and I still could not hear his rifle report. I can hear the snap, and if he lands a shot near me I hear it hit the dirt. I use the SPMG and he could not hear my rifle either. I do not know which weapon he was using at the time.
I will keep better notes and will continue trying to figure this out and comment here. (Even if it’s some stupid thing I’ve done, I’ll admit it.) It doesn’t’ stop me from playing obviously. I’m hooked.

I did have this happen to me once where another player could not hear my shots, but the next day it was working, so I figured it was do to my fickle nature in using mods. Maybe some time we can do some testing on the Zeus server and try to figure it out once and for all.

That would be grand. I have not figured it out. One of my teammates took a CUP weapon and I had the SPMG, I could not hear his and he could not hear mine. So I believe many people have this issue and probably don’t even realize it.

So I’m now using the following addons and still there are guys running around nekkie and with no weapons in hand. What am I missing? Does anyone have mods that don’t appear on this list? Please comment, I am desperate.

3CB BAF Equipment
3CB BAF Weapons
ADR-97 Weapon Pack
ASDG Attachments
Complementary Special Weapons
CUP Weapons
EricJ Weapons Pack
Leights OPFOR Pack
NIArms ACR-E Rifles
NIArms AK Rifles
NIArms AR15 Rifles
NIArms AWM Rifles
NIArms Core
NIArms FAL Rifles
NIArms G36 Rifles
NIArms M60 GPMGs
NIArms Minigun
NIArms Minimi LMGs
Specialist Military Arms
TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear
TMT Turkish Army Weapons and Wears

Thankfully, I found a workaround where I don’t see it too much - tank crew. But when I go infantry, I want to see/hear my comrades.

BTW I tried the profiling/performance branch to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled Arma 3, no help there either.

Can confirm I have encountered this issue on altis #1 with vanilla weapons, with Robert Hammer pistols and SMA weapons. Luke M was also having the issue and confirmed we had the same mods loaded with the same versions but at points could not hear any gunfire from each other even with vanilla weapons.

Update - this is still happening but not as much since I have seventy-eight (78) different mods loaded. A bit ridiculous IMHO but it works ok. I feel overwhelming joy when I ask a teammate to fire a shot to test it and I can hear it. I know it’s gonna be a good op when that happens.