Offender’s Name: VileAce
Description of the offense: Banning me permanently based on word for “griefing” after telling me that all I did was talk too much, then later saying on the ban appeal which he judged (therefore voiding the purpose of ban appeals) that I was soundboarding which isn’t even remotely true. My original TS ban reason was “TK” then later changed to “Griefing”. I tried to ask to confirm that anyone had even complained in the first place about me because I didn’t trust that this was the case, to which lead to the response “I don’t need you on my server” and a permaban.
Server misconduct occurred on: Teamspeak
Approximate time and date the offence occured: Approx. 12:00 AM EST
Were there admins online? If yes which ones?: Unsure
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*):
N/A, however here is the ban appeal explaining the entire story and his contradicting responses,

you do know that VileAce is the one handling the forums right?

I’m sorry that you do not like the way our system is setup to handle ban appeals. We intentionally have the admin that created the ban, also handle the appeal. If a community member feels that the appeal was unjustly handled, then filling the Misconduct report as you did is the correct step.

I had all intentions of talking to you and getting your side of the story, that’s why I moved you into the help room channel, but your contentious attitude and failure to listen made talking with you next to impossible. If my intention was just to ban you outright , I would not have moved you into the help room channel.

As soon as I told you that I had received two complaints about your behavior in TeamSpeak you got “aggressive”, denied it ever happened and demanded proof of the complaints. When I told you that the player names and the specifics of the complaint are not generally available as we want users to feel that they can make a complaint without fear of retribution, you hinted at the fact that I was making up the complaints.

I generally do not ban players based on user feedback alone, a ban was looking like an inevitability based on information from your player record (past bans, kicks and Admin comments) which is why I joined the channel with an alternate identity. I listened in on the channel for about 45 sec to 1 min to find out what was behind the complaints. During that time you were doing a “play by play” of your actions.This behavior alone would not justify a ban, but I mentioned that we have rules that cover acceptable content in the TeamSpeak channels, at which point you said that we have no right dictating what could be said.

This incident on its own would not have been a ban at all. Your excessive spamming of the voice chat with non game related conversation would normally just be a verbal warning, or a kick. In your case with your previous bans for the same reason, I would have issued a 3 - 5 day ban in TeamSpeak with the potential to carry over to the game servers. What moved the ban to permanent was your aggressive behavior, stating that you were going to find out who complained and “take care of them”, and the overwhelming comments in your player record from multiple other admin. I as a head admin made the decision that the NAK Community was better off without you in it.

FYI @WaffleCoaster I’m not the only Admin “handling the forums”, I just happen to talk a lot.

Refer to Ban Appeal: