VileAce - Misconduct Report

Offender’s name: VileAce

Description of offence: Admin abuse, perm banned for enforcing rules (which I never did nor did I break any rules). Then I appealed for a ban and VileAce in which he denied it. Said I violated rule #2 which states:

Impersonating an admin.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.
Definition: Impersonating on admin involves but is not limited to: Telling people you are a server admin, threatening to ban someone, copying an admin name, or making fake NAK Command tags.

Which not once did I do that.

Also Vile continues to add lies to my ban appeal to which I never said and keep editing his response to my ban appeal. Also per your rules (which I never broke) I have multiple warning which I have never gotten and yet I get a perm ban for something I never did. It’s very unjust one of your admins decides to perm ban for no reason and yet does not un-ban me after my appeal and the evidence I have shown. I never got a 24 hr ban but a perm ban but your rules state and I quote “f you feel you were wrongly warned/kicked/banned, do not argue in game. Arguing with an admin in game WILL result in a 24 hour ban. If you or a friend wishes to dispute an action taken by an admin you have 2 options. In our forums you will find links to “User-Admin Abuse Reports” as well as a “Ban Appeals” section. If you need help or do not understand how to use these, please join TeamSpeak and an admin will help you.” but Vile perm banned me from Teamspeak so I can’t do that. Also in the rules it states “NAK SERVER RULES AND CONSEQUENCES: All rules have definitions to help reduce arguments. The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively. Punishment enforced on the Arma servers may carry over to all NAK servers, including TeamSpeak. Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban. If you feel a rule has an unfair/unclear/incorrect definition, pleased contact Vile Ace.” but since he is the one issuing the ban I request someone higher up to look at this. This is unjust and quite frankly ridiculous. Not only is he banning me without reason but he broke all of your server rules in the process.

Server misconducted on: Malden

Approximate time: 1900 CST, 9/17/2017

Admins online: I don’t know and only VileAce was the one who came on the channel and acted. Never game me any evidence on how I violated rule #2.

Evidence: Just a segment: Record, Clip, Edit, Share, and Relive Your Game Clips & Gameplay -
Full video: Record, Clip, Edit, Share, and Relive Your Game Clips & Gameplay -

Also banned me from ever getting onto Teamspeak to talk to someone other than him.

Claws any input?

You have already returned twice to TeamSpeak, so you know you can. I believe that I have the right to edit and add detail to my reply to your ban appeal. I all the information added to my reply are from the logs, and the pokes I received in TeamSpeak about you. I stand by the ban and the rejection of the appeal. Just because you put in an appeal does not mean that it will be reversed.

at 00:24 of your video I replied to your request for an Admin.
at 15:30 you begin talking about shooting him down - at this point I was poked the first time in TS
at 15:40 you ask for someone else to send a message to G0lden
at 16:00 GingaNinjaNZ and joseph send at message at your request one of which states “GOLDEN GET ON TEAM SPEAK OR U ARE KOS BY THE AIR FORCE”
at 16:23 GingaNinjaNZ sends “BE ADVISED YOU WILL BE FIRED ON IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY” to which you say Thank you because you asked him to do it.
at 16:59 G0lden tells you again that he is not required to be on TS
at 18:10 you being talking about not liking the rules. Please remember this is our servers that we run for the community not for you alone.
at 18:24 you continue to tell him to get on TS
at 18:48 you tell him that as nak elite he should not be in a pilot slot. Which he was not, but even if he was it is not up to you.
at 19:03 I did the first kick for threatening to shoot down a friendly. GingaNinjaNZ read it out… You should have learned from that.
at 19:23 GingaNinjaNZ states that you asked him to tell G0lden he would be shot down if he did not join TS.
at 19:26 of your video is my first message to you - 7:26 PM (Global) Admin: VileAce: Please let the Admin enforce rules (sent by VileAce)
at 19:46 someone in your chat tells you that he does not need to be in TS and you begin making contradictory statements.
at 20:20 I state in a massage that it does not matter if he is in TS
at 20:20 G0lden enters the TS channel and explains why he was not in TS
at 20:24 the message is sent - 7:28 PM(Global)If you need help include Admin as part of the message, if a Admin is online, we will be happy to help you.
at 20:27 I send the message (Global) Admin: VileAce: Last time let admins like myself enforce the rules.
at ~21:29 G0lden sent me a poke in TS to inform me that you (summary) just got done yelling at him. The contents of the poke are private but the other admins can see it in the BattleMetrics ban.
This is the point at which I decided give you a warning and enter TS.
at 22:34 I enter TS to give the warning at you raise your voice and in my opinion yell at me.
at 22:38 when you curse at me - I’m done with the conversation and decide to ban.
again at 22:49 you continue to yell, I only paused because GingaNinjaNZ wanted to speak.
After you were banned GingaNinjaNZ explained that you asked him to send the message to G0lden, as I stated in the ban appeal.

Just because you did not read our rules, until after you were banned, does not mean that they do not apply to you. I did warn you multiple times to stop, hopefully you can now review the logs and see where I did so.

I’m backing up Viles choice because you where also giving players incorrect information and even if it’s your second day we recommend that you read the rules before you play and some of the rules are on the billboards and TV’s in all spawns. I would also like to point out that we do not allow inappropriate language (to some extent). In the video you have broken Rules: #2, #4, #5, #10 (arguing with an admin) and #14. This is what i got from your video not fond of your behaviour in our servers.

To make sense of NAK Elite they do not need to be in TS it is there choice. NAK Elite also are able to fly in any role and in any vehicle. So Pat i don’t know where yo got your information from since you have only played for two days. So before you say something, make sure you know what your talking about because if you where to talk to a new player then they will have wrong information and pass it on.

This goes for everyone that plays or was playing at the time, when you join our server and when you join our TS you automatically go by our rules if you break a rule depending on what the rule is is how long our what type of punishment follows.

Not once have I broken your rule #2. I have gotten so frustrated with you guys. The video show’s it all and especially why I haven’t broken your rule #2 for which I was perm banned for. Vile lied about what I said and you all still back him up. I put in this request to have someone who wasn’t dealing with what happened at the time and to take a look at the evidence shown and not just take the word of a staff member nor take the word from me. It should be fair but obviously it isn’t sadly. This process of reporting certain members is unacceptable and quite frankly needs to be looked over by another member who can be unbiased and will look at not only one persons account of what happened. I hope you guys can find a better process of doing this and not keep turning players away for ridiculous reasons like this one. Like I have said to staff members I have talked to after this happened was I have never had a problem with your server or any of your staff members. That being said, I was very frustrated when one of you leading staff members gave a perm ban without reasoning of how I broke rule #2, I would like to point out that his attitude when he came in to the channel to issue a “warning” was very disrespectful and should not be in the position he is in if he his going to have an attitude and being disrespectful to other players whom aren’t Nak members…Anyways yes I was arguing with him no doubt and yes I used profanity but you have to understand why I became so frustrated with this member. It wouldn’t of been a big deal if I had received a kick off the server or 24 hr ban, I think it would’ve let myself and Vile calm down a bit and not act with so much anger. I think if he would’ve given a little “break” from what happened he and I could have a chat about maybe some way we not have these disagreements and sort out problems or make recommendations so we can both work out a situation that wasn’t a big as it seemed.

Hi pat, firstly id like to say I am not an admin nor was I present during this event so I feel I somewhat fit the role you request of someone not involved at all to take a look. After watching both videos you linked there are some things id like to point out, Upon realizing G0lden wasn’t present in your teamspeak channel you began talking about shooting him down, You say to all others in teamspeak “Roger, shoot em’ down”. At this point you and another player (joseph) run for the cheetah on the USS Freedom, the other player expresses with frustration “(expletive) I hopped in as driver” as you get in the gunner seat indicating that you had successfully incited prosperously team killing another player in some effort to enforce rules to more than just yourself. Once you were in the gunners position of the cheetah you then in all caps told golden; “GOLDEN COME BACK”, “COME BACK TO FREEDOM”. You then say in team speak laughing at first “I’m gonna lure him in” once again proving your intent to team kill in an effort to enforce a rule (A rule of which you didn’t even understand). While still in the cheetah you were looking at G0lden’s last known heading apparently trying to lock onto him with your titan missiles, This is made clear when you say in teamspeak with confusion and sudden realization “uhhh I am locking onto a shikra?”. It is also made clear to me that you were trying to lock onto G0lden when I watch your radar tab and see the shikra being locked onto and off of rapidly untill your realization. Later on you are in a jet and when G0lden is brought back up by another player you tell the people in your channel to “tell G0lden to join teamspeak”, this causes player (joseph) to say in side channel “GOLDEN GET ON TEAM SPEAK OR U ARE KOS BY THE AIR FORCE” and player (GinjaNinjaNZ) to say in side channel “BE ADVISED YOU WILL BE FIRED ON IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY” further proving that you had incited team killing in an effort to enforce a rule. I could go on but I feel it would only incriminate you more as G0lden give you reasons as to why he is not in your teamspeak channel and also tells you to contact an admin if you need clarification. Of which is met with more hostility on your parties behalf, until and admin does get involved which you greet with expletive’s and other forms of hostility until we are here today.

I signed up to site in part to post an apology for my part in this debacle, which I have noticed has spread to your website.
Although I am grateful that you have not posted my comments on teamspeak when I was kicked from server for telling G0lden
“BE ADVISED YOU WILL BE FIRED ON IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY”, which I understand - in itself - is unacceptable on a civilized server.
I must admit I was very frustrated, and my attitude definitely did not improve the situation on Teamspeak with joseph, pat, and I.
After talking with VileAce, reading the links he provided me on server rules, and reading your site - especially pages on Nak Elite,
I now have a much better understanding of your servers, special units, and protocols in general.
I have been enjoying the gameplay, and conversations on teamspeak since then, and hope to get along with everyone a lot better in future.
I have only been playing arma for six days, and I hope to make friends on your servers, I very much enjoy flying on your Invade and Annex Altis and Malden servers.

G0lden, my sincerest apologies for my part in this.

VileAce, my gratitude for your patience and assistance.

Good Hunting and Good Health.

In my opinion i do not believe this is any sort of admin abuse. From what I’ve seen you’ve broken multiple rules. Your argument on how you don’t understand how you broke rule #2 does not excuse your behavior. You broke rule #2 by enforcing the rules as a player. Taking it into your own hands is not acceptable and I firmly believe this.

“This is unjust and quite frankly ridiculous. Not only is he banning me without reason but he broke all of your server rules in the process.” -PatOmally

In the video you presented, You break upwards of 5 rules. I don’t see how you could feel as if you were banned for no reason.

RULE #2) Impersonating an admin.
Definition: Impersonating on admin involves but is not limited to: Telling people you are a server admin, threatening to ban someone, copying an admin name, or making fake NAK Command tags.

You say in your report by definition you didn’t break rule #2. However it clearly states it is not limited to just those conditions.

Honestly, this guy is toxic and glad he isn’t here. Getting other players to try and TK someone because their not obeying rules is very malicious and not welcome here. Not only are you breaking a rule by TK, but then trying to get someone else to break the rules along with you. Now he says he doesn’t know the rules, but ignorance of the rules doesn’t void him of such rules. What cracks me up is says he doesn’t know the rules when he’s going to get in kicked/banned, but then says he knows the rules when trying to enforce them. A reasonable person would calmly talk to the admin when in the wrong, to try and resolve the issue. But instead yell at the admin when called out gets you well BANNED, seems childish to me.