View Distance & Fps

Hi everyone, I would have liked to know what your viewing distance is for General & Object, as well as the number of FPS that goes with it.
And your configuration.
I use :
-FOOT: Gen= 4000, Obj= 1000 and when the server is full I’m forced to use 800, for have constant 60fps
-CAR: Gen=3000, Obj= 1000/800
-AIR: Gen= 6000, Obj=800.

Using 7700k 4.5Ghz, 8Go RAM at 4Ghz, 1070 GTX, A3 on SSD.

There is no one formula that if you set your view distance to X your FPS will be Y. Even if you and I had the same computers and the same settings, we could have different FPS, (network settings, internet bandwidth, background tasks all have an effect). Also remember that view distance is only one factor that determines FPS, Antialiasing, Texture Quality, Shadow Quality and all the other settings also affect FPS. In some cases higher settings can actually improve performance.

Unfortunately I think your 60FPS expectation is unrealistic with Arma. We all know the program is not optimized well.

On foot I recommend 2000 with objects set to dynamic which sets it to 80% of 2000 or 1600
Vehicle I recommend very similar settings to on foot unless you are actually using a tank and gunning, if so you can increase to 3500 and dynamic.
For Air I recommend around 5000 which seems to be the realistic range from which you can engage.

For everyone else, just because your view distance is set to 2000 for example, it does not mean that everything beyond 2000m is just going to be cut off. View distance adjusts the distance and priority of objects being updated, and the priority for memory usage, not absolute view range.

A realistic expectation for most people on our Invade and Annex servers is around 40FPS. If you can adjust your settings to achieve 40FPS you are in good shape.

I hope this helps. When I have some time I will add to our performance/ FPS FAQ’s to include more of the graphic settings.

I wanted to know if there are people who can shoot at 60fps with higher settings. I really feel the difference at 40 fps, and that does not suit me.
Also I noticed that when the Vsync is off I have what looks like a constant lag, so I keep it on.
I have often 60fps with this settings, I turn around 50 60fps ( blocked at 60 )

What I do to calibrate my settings is change them dynamically, using CBA’s distance and terrain quality. Sometimes my PC runs well and wil take lonnger view distances, but sometimes it wil barely take 500m, so i just adjust them on the go

I’m usually 60 fps on foot and in vehicle on invade and annex(around 1500-2500m distance) and I’m running i-7700K and GTX 1080. If that was what you wanted to know :stuck_out_tongue: In air is usually half but double view distance

I will comment that I play usually with 9-24FPS and I keep all settings at 4800 and 3600 for distance and object.

terrible idea, and defenetively not worth it. lower your settings and get some extra fps if you can

I should comment quality is at its lowest though

leshii, in my opinion, if your system has to run on low settings, go for performance rather than longer visual distances. to be honest, i dont really see why i should even use more than 2000m at some times. its just unnecessary and specially if you are running from 9 - 24 fps.

3k/5k/7k always with FOV sync on all ultra/std/std for terrain

heck just easier…