Video recomendation

Each week I or another member of NAK Tac will recommend a video for other NAK Tac members to watch, it is not required to watch the video, they are recommended to make playing together as a squad move enjoyable.

The first video is one of Dslyecxi’s Video Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures - This video is about “Peeling” and fire team or squad based tactic to move away from heavy fire.

So have a look at the video and enjoy. If you have a recommendation for another video poke me on TS or send me a private message.

Wonderful Vile. I think this series will definitely improve our teamwork, coordination, strategic and tactical decision making and overall team morale in long stressful missions.

This is so useful and should be required viewing for attending NAKTAC missions.

I do not want to make it required, when we did required reading or videos in the past, it turned off about half of the players. I think the NAK Tac members that are serious about playing together as a squad will watch the videos. I want to post one short video each week that will help us improve working together.

If even half the members of NAK Tac watch the videos, then it will rub off on those that do not.

Yes agreed!!

I would like to recommend a video for all of you too watch.

The video, Universal Rules of Engagement - Dslyecxi’s TTPs - covers about when to talk first or to shoot first when you encountered enemy. The video also discuss briefly on how to do the SALUTE (Size, Activity, Location, Unit identification, Time, and Equipment) report of enemy.

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So, take a look at the video and enjoy. Hope this video will increase our knowledge.

To follow up on last week video recommendation, I would recommend you guys to watch the following video:

The video - Arma 3 Basic Combat Training: Episode 4 by MicOne -, will talk about more in detail about contact report - how to do a proper SALUTE (Size, Activity, Location, Unit identification, Time, and Equipment) ,and how to do an ACEREP. This video will also talk about how to react to enemy contact.

I hope this video can improve our skill in what to do when we encountered enemy contact.