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Would like to give a shout out to a player called Rabbit.

Hell of a pilot and great taste in music. :wink:

Here is a shot(not a great one without a video card…) of him doing an RTB after a finished AO.

Almost completely sideways. Great ride!


Working on new in game billboards and flags, almost done…


oh the flag amazing

the bullet holes are the best, brings realism to the billboard or some one who doesnt like rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great. Simple and easy


When the m320 is fired at a patrol at normal speed, the TOF must be compensated as follows:
500mts =1 dot
1000mts =2 dots
1500mts =3 dots


Here’s a picture of a double rainbow!

Here’s a civilian plane (Caesar) catapulting off a aircraft carrier.

One of the best moments ive had on arma, this has become my PCs wallpaper. The gang was mostly all together and we couldn’t pass up the chance. Photo taken by Dewaine, featuring an all star cast.

Great pics guys, Information about the Video/Screenshot contest coming soon.


Made this on my HTC vive, doodled it in 10 minutes out of boredom.
New Sketch_00.gif

beautifulll :smiley:

These photos are from the Zeus Mission 07|07|2017 Directed by Weil, Archer & Allen! (Thanks for the correction Allen!)
It was a blast.
It was the by far the most organized and well executed Zeus mission I’ve ever played to this date. Everyone playing worked together to bring the experience closer to what a proper scenario should be, and for that, I am impressed.

Zeus was directed by Weil, Archer & Allen…
I was with you on both mission scenarios taking pictures with you as zeus remember?

Sorry, I corrected it.