Vehicles falling underwater don't blow up / respawn

So the other day we lost two tow trucks that fell into the water near the carrier. Today we found out that it is because the vehicles just sit on the sea floor (engine goes red and that’s it). We tried to go underwater and recover or blow up the tow truck to get it back but it seems the only way to do that is with scripts (searching online). Also, the carrier safe zone prevents firing and placing explosives in the first place. Could we look at a fix for this?

I think we should try to place a static bobcat on the carrier. As far as the tow truck im not sure what to do about that.

yep only way will be to check how far the vehicle is from the player but i dont wanna do that because each vehicle will have to check if a player is around and this is a killer fps right there

Very true. We need the tow truck with the black wasp bug still coming up every now and then but if it falls in the ocean we lose that. I’m trying to think of a way to do it without checks and I’m not coming up with much. An attach charge script maybe? For attaching charges underwater. Then we can dive down and destroy it. I’m assuming that it’s vanilla arma that just makes the engine red but keeps the vehicle alive and sinks it. Just need some way to make it go away so a new one can spawn I think.

maybe allow atc to spawn the tow truck , we need more idea

If you lose the tow truck on a faulty spawn, grab a chopper, go to the land base where the no fly zone in, grab one that is already spawned and drop it off on the carrier. Once the carrier bug is fixed it shouldn’t be an issue, whenever that will take place.

An Idea that might help with the lost or sunken vehicles…A couple admins came up with an idea that would allow admins to run a script that would place markers on the map, visible only to the admin, the location of all empty vehicles on the map. The script would be a snap shot of the vehicles location when the script was run, not continuously updated.

The original idea behind this was, players sometimes move or abandon vehicles in a location that prevents them from respawning, but finding the vehicles can be very difficult. By allowing the admin to run this script the locations of empty vehicles could be added to the map and the admin could then retrieve or destroy the vehicle so that it could respawn.
As an addition feature of the same script, that would help with both the lost and sunken vehicles, we could allow the admin to destroy empty vehicles remotely with the script.