Vana - Loadout Management Mod

Here’s a nice mod that can help people with a lot of loadouts in the virtual arsenal. Organizing has become easier and everything’s less cluttered.

This was discussed previously, at the time, it was still in beta and had a few problems. I have not look at it in a couple months. Maybe time to look at it again.

Nice ! Working well, very simple.
I just love it ! Thank you

I’ve too found myself using it. @Vile, it looks like they have improved it since the last time this was brought up.

Still having issues with it myself.
If I make folders and move loadouts to those folders do not stay. When I return to the server they are back the way they were before. Also the loadouts are not shared across all servers in my case. If a make a loadout on Malden, when I join Altis the loadout is not there.

I see… No bueno.