Unsung Zeus Event

I don’t know if the Unsung mod has already been done in Nak, but if it hasn’t, it should be done. Oh, good job to NDC Vunkai on the Operation: TREBUCHET Zeus Event, he was a good Zeus. Anyway, Unsung would be cool because the amount of missions you could do with Unsung would keep everyone busy for a long time. I have a few mission ideas that could keep people busy, you could insert into the Jungle and then have to go and search the villages for VC, Weapons Caches, Intelligence, Tunnels, and then perhaps you gain intelligence that the VC/NVA are planning a large assault on your base or you get intel of NVA weapons caches or something.

Unsung is one of the mods I was looking at. What would really help is making recommendations for the smaller supporting mods. Finding and evaluating the main mods is the easy part.

I often try to find 2 - 4 mods that support the main mod. I look for unit mods, equipment mods and a good map. These are the items that I could use help locating for this and future special events.

These are the mods I am currently evaluating for the Vietnam special event. It does not mean that we will be using all of them. (I am sure we will not be using all of them). If you know of any others that would be a good fit, feel free to reply.

Air Cav Vietnam
DEGA Parachutes
NIArms Core
NIArms M1903 Springfield Rifles
UNSUNG 3.0 Delta
USS Nimitz

I’ve had a look at a couple of maps for ideas for a Vietnam event and this one stands out for me:

Offers jungles, rivers and villages and even a large city for CQB. This map looks ideal for Vietnam style event.

Would a WWII map be possible? I think I had seen mention of it somewhere but I figured Id bring it up again. Ive done no research as of yet but I`m sure I could come up with a map and a list of mods!

the Unsung mod has two maps built in. The are considered the best jungle Vietnam maps.

The popular WWII mods can not be used on the server.

Could I suggest the NIArms AR-15 pack as it contains a ‘retro’ M4 with a non detachable carry handle.

The Unsung mod already has the ‘Retro’ M4 that I think you are talking about.

I am working hard to try to make sure that we can do an event this weekend. Unfortunately it takes time to make sure the mods will work well together. I should have the mod collection ready tomorrow.