Unfounded - Banned because unfit admin

Was playing NAK Invade and Annex. Saw HEMMIT vehicle outside base. Previously reprimanded for similar incident. Text in global chat “Who stole a HEMMIT and dropped it in the middle of nowhere?” Several replies stating HEMMITS allowed outside base. Inquire when rules were changed. Paraphrased response from admin LBJ “It’s always been like that.” Reference prior experience and inquire as to why I faced consequences then, but they are not facing similar consequences. Several more responses stating “LBJ is an admin, listen to him.” Admin LBJ references TeamSpeak saying to drop the topic in-game. Reference prior experience with NAK staff, stating “Just like the time I was almost banned “As an example” even though I had nothing to do with what was going on.” Received ban 1 minute later.

I was watching the situation unfold on the servers and I did not intervene because LBJ was handling it in a correct manner. The ban was appropriate. He asked you not to continue discussing it in side chat, because everyone was giving their two cents and incorrect information was being communicated by players. LBJ stated the rule and ask everyone to follow it. When you asked that an admin clarify, he told you that he was an admin. He then said that if you wished to discuss it in more detail to join him on TeamSpeak.

Your next comment was related, maybe indirectly, but once you did that your were in direct violation of an admins orders, and the ban was appropriate.

To clarify the process for the future, everyone should follow the orders issued by whatever Admin is online. If you disagree with what they are saying, follow their orders and post a question in the forum asking for clarification, but follow the admins orders.

Please bear with me as I transcribe ALL the information I was given. Even though the 1 day ban is over and done with, I feel that it is my duty to clear some things up in immense detail:

07/29/2018 7:42 PM(Global)Sketch: Who’se the GENIUS who stole the HEMMIT from base and dropped it in the middle of no where?
07/29/2018 7:43 PM(Side)Crater: wht hemmt?
07/29/2018 7:43 PM(Global)Sketch: They’re supposed to stay at base
07/29/2018 7:43 PM(Side)LBJ: Which hemit are you talking about Sketch
07/29/2018 7:43 PM(Side)Crater: there is an ammo hemmt at AO
07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Side)LBJ: Sketch what are you talking about?
07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Global)Sketch: I don’t know which one, there’s a random HEMMIT in the AO
07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Side)Crater: ITS AN AMMO HEMMT
07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Side)Waffle: Sketch thats an ammo hemtt someone said …
07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Side)LBJ: It isn’t Random sir
07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Side)Waffle: its allowed to be taken

:idea: At this point, I am convinced player (Skater) is confused about the rules pertaining to the use of certain HEMMTs and Bobcats regardless of the fact that 2 other players (Crater & Waffle) have tried to clear that up for him.

07/29/2018 7:44 PM(Side)Crater: sketch stop
07/29/2018 7:45 PM(Global)SSgt. Rugama: The ones that are clearly placed at the back of the airfield are.
07/29/2018 7:45 PM(Side)MG_Monkey: If we’re talking about the same, it’s resupplying a mortar position targeting main
07/29/2018 7:45 PM(Side)LBJ: Sketch i suggest you check your info before you accuse people of things

:idea: Unbeknownst to Skater, I am currently sitting in said HEMMT with Wolfblade @Main AO.

07/29/2018 7:45 PM(Global)SSgt. Rugama: Plus, no-one uses them for anything useful on base, Bobcats don’t leave bases.
07/29/2018 7:45 PM(Global)Sketch: Okay, let me hear an Admon say that, because the last time the Hemmits were gbrought up they said NONE OF THEM ARE SUPPSED TO LEAVE BASE
07/29/2018 7:45 PM(Side)MG_Monkey: You did hear an admin say that
:arrow: 07/29/2018 7:46 PM(Side)LBJ: Players are allowed to take the Ammo Hemit into the AO
:arrow: 07/29/2018 7:46 PM(Side)Crater: as well as the repair and the fuel hemmt
07/29/2018 7:46 PM(Side)Swiftex: ^^’
07/29/2018 7:46 PM(Side)Crater: just not theTOW HEMMT
07/29/2018 7:46 PM(Side)LBJ: So before you call them an “Idiot” check your own facts

:idea: I quoted “idiots” purposefully when you used “GENIUS” as a hyperbole during your opening statement.

07/29/2018 7:47 PM(Side)-=NOD=- KANE: im with sketch on this one, i took one of those and got scolded by an admin named cory
07/29/2018 7:47 PM(Global)Sketch: You’re the only one calling anyone an idiot, LBJ
07/29/2018 7:47 PM(Side)Crater: listen toLBJ
:arrow: 07/29/2018 7:47 PM(Side)LBJ: Im and Admin and Telling you

:idea: This is where the conversation and confusion should have stopped

07/29/2018 7:47 PM(Side)SSgt. Rugama: Sketch, NAK Cmd = admin pal.
07/29/2018 7:48 PM(Side)Crater: dont matter
07/29/2018 7:48 PM(Side)Crater: listen to LBJ
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)-=NOD=- KANE: so we get scolded for using hemmits and faced being banned. now its ok?

:idea: At this point now player (Kane) is also confused about the rules regarding HEMMT and Bobcat use and decides to interject with his own experiences based on admin named “Cory”.
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)Crater: no
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)Waffle: 2 types of HEMTTS
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)Shogun: Why are you so mad man
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)Shogun: Just let it go
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)Crater: listen to what he is saying
:arrow: 07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)LBJ: Kane I don’t know who you spoke to. If you want to speak about it now, Join Teamspeak
07/29/2018 7:50 PM(Side)-=NOD=- KANE: im good.

:idea: Kane at this point now knows what is fact.

07/29/2018 7:51 PM(Side)SSgt. Rugama: Bobcats have been the only vehicles that are not supposed to leave base, the hemmets at the back of the airfield (which is the one at AO) is alright.
07/29/2018 7:51 PM(Side)Crater: and listen to lbj
07/29/2018 7:51 PM(Side)LBJ: All communication regarding this specific topic please contact me via ts3.naksquad.net
:arrow: 07/29/2018 7:52 PM(Global)Sketch: Whatever. Not the first time everyone turned against me and wanted to rip the throat out, even though I was right.

:idea: At this point Skater you still have not understood what was said to you repeatedly for 10 mins. I already made it clear to cease communication about the subject in game and come to me in teamspeak to talk about the matter. But no, you decided to use the audience as a fulcrum to help legitimize your hearsay as fact.

07/29/2018 7:53 PM(Global)Sketch: Just like the time I was almost banned “As an example” even though I had nothing to do with what was going on.
07/29/2018 7:53 PM(Global)Shogun: Did you endlessly bitch until they threatened you?

:idea: You were kicked and banned following your last statement because you simply would not stop arguing even after an admin told you to stop the conversation. The amount of resources used to tell you the same information multiple times is unfathomable and unnecessary.

+1 LBJ

If this was a ban appeal, it was submitted in the wrong section. If this was a complaint about an admin action, the review of material involved is unfounded.