Unfounded - Aelgalden False Ban

Offender’s Name: Aelgalden
Description of the offense: I feel I was falsely banned by Aelgalden for rules I did not break. The investigation of the incident was incomplete, bias, and unjust. More information can be found regarding the ban on the ban appeal (https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=891#top).
Server misconduct occurred on: Server #4 Nak Tactical (Sabotage)
Approximate time and date the offence occured: 3:30 a.m. EST 07/06/2018
Were there admins online? If yes which ones? Aelgalden and Rollacanda
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*) https://gyazo.com/e99a91f0d2f30394be238c2d320de0de

I have made a post on your ban appeal, but I feel as I did in the right but I can be proven wrong in the investigation I did on this situation all the players had been talked to and had said you were shooting at friendlies and being very hostile the entire play session before the ban, and also after I had done the ban you instantly came into the Teamspeak channel I was in talking to a player and had said “Aelgalden you wana fucking explain?” in a very angry manner which I understand you’d be angry but also arguing over the punishment isn’t a way to help your case and you had admitted to be shooting at friendlies which supports the ban I have given you.

Lying in a response to a ban appeal is likely not tolerated among staff members, Aelgalden, and I would strongly advise against it. The exact words I used when joining the TeamSpeak channel were “Can I help you Aelgalden?”, and then I waited until you finished speaking with the other people in the channel before you began falsely accusing me. You also failed to speak to me at length about the situation and instead decided to take one party’s side in the matter without comparing stories of the event. You even failed to speak with one of the main witnesses and instead believed the story of a player who was nowhere near the event, meaning you believed a lie instead of speaking to two other players who were involved. Yet again rule #3 specifically states multiple times that it prohibits Team Killing, which is the action of killing a teamate. Last I checked, not a single person died during the altercation and the only player to receive direct damage from another player was me from brad.

I had listened to your story you were sitting in a tower and players were annoying you by sitting at this line on the map so you fired at them multiple times to get there attention as telling them to wave off and it get to the point where you had made another player shooting at you and thats when I was poked in teamspeak to come help.

You failed to listen to both mine and Woadhawks accounts of the event until after you had already falsely banned me. That is an unarguable fact. To say any different is a complete lie and that can be proven by both myself and Woadhawk.

These TeamSpeak logs show just how long you were in the channel with brad and I prior to you falsely banning me, Aelgalden. The time difference between me joining and you leaving is nowhere near long enough for you to have heard the entire story after you were finished accusing me and after brad had started swearing at me with every other word while you ignored it.

Feeling a ban was unjust is not a reason to file a misconduct report against an admin. The ban needs to be addressed in the ban appeal section. Speaking of which, I have reviewed the provided information in the ban appeal and given my opinion. The ban was justified.

As such, the misconduct report, based on an inappropriate ban, is unfounded.