Underused Module

Since we have added the ACE mod to the Zeus server, it has added a bunch of new modules for the Zeus to use. Many of these modules are similar to ones that were available with Achilles, but there is one ACE module that I have not seen a lot of Zeus use yet that may be helpful. That is the Defend Area module under ACE AI. The Defend Area module when placed on a group will give that group a set of uniques commands.

First a majority of the group gets garrisoned in the radius set
A couple AI will stay at the center of the radius
The group leader will Search and Destroy radom locations around the area.

The really cool feature of this module is, if one AI set to defend encounters opposition a portion of the squad will move to his location, to back him up while the rest stay defending the area.

Thats sounds really cool Vile can’t wait to try it out once i decide to stop using my computer as a microwave to make popcorn :laughing: