[TUTORIAL] How to change your Teamspeaks appearance / skin

Hey, this is a quick tutorial on how to change the appearance of your TS3. The installation is very simple and you can get it to look like this for example:

Step 1: Download your desired skin. There are two separate files, an Iconpack and a Style. In my case I am using a dark theme you can download here But you can find many others in this website.

Step 2: Open the Teamspeak addon executable files you just downloaded, both the ts3_style and ts3_iconpack. You must then press install on a window that will pop up and should look like this

Step 3: After both files have been installed, they will ask you to restart Teamspeak in order to take effect. Simply restart teamspeak and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Open up Teamspeak, select the “Tools” tab and select “Options”. The option menu will pop up and you will need to open the “Design” menu.

Step 5: Open the “Theme” selection menu and select the desired style you just installed

Do the same for the “Icon Pack” selection menu and select the iconpack you downloaded.

After your desired skins have been selected, simply press “OK” and you are good to go! It may ask you to restart your TS3 for the iconpack to take effect. Just restart and enjoy the new appearance of your Teamspeak!

I hope this guide resulted useful to someone, feedback is much appreciated and any themes you recommend please link them below in a reply!

Thanks, it’s very useful. Always hated that windows XP look of Teamspeak. Now I can finally make my TS look modern.

This is how my Teamspeak looks now.

This is what I used:
Demus theme: myTeamSpeak
Carl’s Icon Pack: TeamSpeak - Official TeamSpeak Community Forum

Looks amazing Reyes, Ill might even have to use that one! Nice catch :wink:

Thank you for this! I am fairly unfamiliar with TS and this has given me something to play with.