TS Identity across computers/resets

Is there a way to keep your TS badges/ranks across computer installs?

I have a TS synchronized profile and identity, but it never lets me keep my badges if I reset my comp…

Its been twice that I had to ask an admin to help me setup my TS, I really don’t want a third/fourth.

Any ideas on how to prevent this?

(TeamSpeak Version 3.1.7, 12-13-17)

Before you make changes to your system you will want to Export your TeamSpeak profile and then Import it once the new changes are made.

  1. Go to Tools-Identities
  2. Under the Synchronized Identities window, unless you made additional identities, left click on ‘Default’ to highlight it.
  3. Right click that highlighted identity and select ‘Export’
  4. Save the exported file someplace safe.
  5. Once you have completed your system changes, you can Import that file, thus keeping your settings and badges, etc.

I thought that just having the synchronized profile would have been enough to keep my settings/badges…
I’ll drop that export file into my dropbox to be saved forever.

I’ll no longer need another admin to restore my identity after what appears to be more frequent system resets…

Wish i would have researched this before i got my new machine. My donor tag is missing ATM. Looks like there is a place for it in my profile
but does not show up in a TS channel.

The donor badge is still there if you hover to the left of your badges. It just doesn’t have an icon

I just looked through the TeamSpeak badges for you and it shows Sgt, Donor and Elite are entered under your name, with 2 profiles.

I spoke with Vile about this and it appears your computer is not downloading the icons that are needed. Vile found that if you clear your TS cache, it could resolve your issue by following this: Tools>options>security>clear cache.

If you still have the problem, please copy/paste the errors TS is giving you in text when you join so we can narrow down the problem.

Thank you!

Ok still no go, this is what happens when i log in. Thanks for checking on it for me.

<17:34:38> Connected to Server: “Ts3.naksquad.net
<17:34:38> The icon for the server was not found.
<17:34:38> The icon for server group “NAK Donor” was not found.
<17:34:38> The icon for server group “NAK Zeus” was not found.
<17:34:38> The icon for server group “NAK Zeus Expert Gold” was not found.
<17:34:39> The icon for channel group “Unknown (0)” was not found.
<17:35:16> The icon for server group “NAK Zeus Expert Bronze” was not found.

Forgot to add that i did clear TS cache several times.

Vinchetti if you join TS just poke an admin to add your tags back. if they don’t believe you then ask them to read this post

Fox the issue is not that he does not have the tags. He does have the tags assigned to his TS profile(s). The problem is he can not see the tags. CopOut and I found a forum post that referred to corrupt icons on the players machine causing the problem. The document stated that clearing client cache might fix it.

According to Vinchetti that did not work.

Vinchetti please poke me when you are on TS next time, and we will figure out a solution for you.

Sorry didn’t know there was two issues going.

Vinchetti have you tried using a different identity and have an admin add the tags and see if you can see them?

Surprisingly I have the same issues, with errors with the exact same icons…

The cache reset didn’t work for me either

Foxx i have not, but i will at some time today get on TS and try and find a admin and try to figure out whats going on.

donor icon is blank for me and anyone else as well… clearing cache didnt help.

Hey guys i just logged in and my donor icon is working again

I reuploaded all the icons on the server. The issue should resolve itself the next time a player logs in to TS. However, anyone that is still having trouble, let an admin know. I have made a forum post for the admins telling them how to resolve the issue.

Icon appearing now, looks good. Thanks!

Glad to hear the tags are starting to work again. Thank you for your patience while this was figured out.