Topic for AKYukonGoats to discuss racist concerns

Please feel free to continue concerns over racist comments here.

:smiley: I just thought it was funny that you’d remove that joke. C’mon, admit it, you chuckled at it. The reason I thought I was banned from forums is because at the time I could not make any replies or post anywhere, but now I can? Strange. No worries, all good. I’ll watch my language so as to not offend any more white people.

No it was not funny. I do not take racism against any race as a joke. Next time you make any form a racist comment you will be banned from all servers permanently.

Oh were you offended by the word “cracker”? For someone who specializes in a video game involving killing people that’s mighty sensitive of you.

“What do you call a redneck who is on fire? A firecracker” <– what I was banned for. Just so you know. Bullshit reason considering the Campaign words in game and the game retail rating. Sure, go kill people, as long as you don’t call them a cracker! OH NO! A CRACKER???


I’m going to give my two cents on this, since for some reason I got the finger pointed at me for the ban last night. First off I want to say I don’t get offended by derogatory comments, they mean nothing to me because they’re coming from someone that I don’t know and will never know and ultimately holds no weight. With that said, I did go running to anyone nor poke an admin about what was said in the Zeus TS.

The comments that were made are offensive to many people, and that’s why I believe there was a banned issued. I’d like to think that the rules that have been formed are meant to culture an environment that everyone can enjoy their time on the NAK Servers, forum and TS. But instead lines were made and people were tested. It seems to me by what AKYukonGoats wrote here, that only one group is allow to get offended and everyone else just get to deal with it.

I asked “why do you keep poking the bear” in reference to this post and then changing your name on TS and then the joke you tried to tell me in the Zeus TS. Why push something that is obviously not allowed? It’s pretty easy to just drop it and keep your comments to yourself and with that said if there’s any more issues that involve me you can direct them to me via PM or find me on TS when I’m on.