Tips For Setting Up Zeus Missions


Here are some tips for new Zeus’ers to use when setting up missions. This is the way I set up my missions and if you’re a new Zeus this could be helpful if you don’t know where to start.

  1. What is your mission going to be? Is it going to be a Patrol, Town Clearing, HVT, etc? (Refer to this post if you need mission ideas.)

  2. Where is the mission going to be played out? This could vary a lot depending on what sort of mission you’re doing. For patrol missions I would suggest choosing a route that has a lot of spots for the enemy forces to hide in and behind aswell as good spots for roadblocks. More in depth of patrol missions can be found here. For HVT or town clearing missions I would suggest having a small-medium sized town for a small-medium sized player base(6-12 people). And bigger town/area if there is more people playing(there is not really a good way to explain what is big/small enough, you will have to learn this through experience, also limiting a big area can always be done mid mission if it’s taking too long.

  3. Start building the mission. If the mission is big I would suggest planning on what you want placed and then place it when the players are getting close to it so you don’t fill the server with a ton of units which creates lag for both the Zeus and the players. Although if it’s a smaller mission, you should be fine to place everything from the beginning. What I would suggest is adding a little twist to your mission, such as a story so the mission gets a feeling to it that players will enjoy, this can be done by either writing the mission briefing and giving it a story and/or adding intel at different places in the mission that players would find and collect which would give them info about other stuff that could be artillery position, HVT position, conversations between hostile AI, etc.

  4. Start the mission. Assuming you’ve built your mission to what you’re able to at the moment you should be fine to give the mission a go. Don’t forget that you’re a Zeus, and you’re making the mission on the spot and not pre-making it, which means that you will need to change, adjust and add during the mission. So completly making a mission before it’s started is not recommended.(This depends on what sort of mission you’re doing though.)

  5. Mission complete. Once the mission is finished/done/completed, It’s time for the players to RTB and you to give debrief. I would suggest doing this before you restart the map but after the RTB. Just so that players are listening and not goofing around as much. To make a good debrief, make sure you pay attention of what is being done during the mission, and how it’s being done. Ask the Fire Team Leaders and the Squad Leaders about what they thought about the mission, aswell as asking the players about what they thought about it. Give credit to what was done good and give advices or tips to what could’ve been done better, constructive criticism is what you and the players want out of it! Never complain or be dissapointed at the players. Just because it didn’t play out as you intended doesn’t mean it’s their fault.

That’s it! This is what I do when making my missions(most of the times :stuck_out_tongue:). If there is anything more that you feel is missing, just go ahead and pm me or reply to this post with what you feel like should be added,changed or removed. Other than that I got nothing more to say. Good luck, have fun and see you around!

-David Wilson