The Million Dollar Choice: A story of drugs, violence and chaos

Zeus mission: 20/08/2017 - 1:00am GMT
Mission by Oxide

The Spectacle Spectres were the most feared gang in all of Malden, running drugs in and out of the country. A brutal police team was tasked with hunting them down led by the loose cannon, Lt. Knight. The gang, led by Vunkai with a band of merry men, started moving 10 tonnes of cocaine and VHS tapes of crap copies of Marvel Films. I was a member of the gang, helping with distractions. Mythi, was our main driver and gun runner.

Our first step was shipping the cocaine to the dealer, in a small town. Moving from the docks, the convoy of a large truck and some jeeps, were being followed by a police car. Mythi’s quick actions lead them on a wild goose chase and until we lost them. Catching up with the convoy, the dealer got spooked multiple times in different locations getting annoyed every time we arrived.

At one point, moving the large truck, was unfortunately stopped and nearly seized, however with succession we captured the vehicle and headed off into the mountains. A member of our team “Sunday” we called him, held off the police for us for a limited time. As we arrived, the dealer was back in the town of Audry, he said he was spooked (again) but fortunately, gave us presents in the form of automatic rifles and were told to head to Audry to meet with the dealer.

After a Metal Gear Solid moment, we sneaked around many patrols in the town until we arrived with the dealer, weirdly his voice went from Canadian, to a weird Texan voice, probably a voice modifier whilst on the phone. He told us to escape and he drove off into the sunset, from then on we stormed our way into the town to find a car. After Mythi was captured and “Sunday” was killed, me and Vunaki headed to meet up with a friend, Greg to find our boats and head off.

Before meeting with Greg, Vunkai and I decided to split the money equally. We met with Greg, headed to the docks. Greg slipped and fell into the water and me and Vunkai stood over him Vunkai said “There can only be two Greg” and we both shot him like a fish in a barrel. As Vunkai stepped into the boat, I pressed the gun against his temple and said “There can only be one” and pulled the trigger, his body pressed against the boat and crashed into the side of the cliff. I grabbed the money instantly and grabbed the nearest boat and set sail away from Malden.

So, here I am, on an island in Tanoa somewhere, with a cocktail and small traces of cocaine in my stomach from all that smuggling, enjoying life. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

The End,

(The mission was created by Oxide and it was the funnest mission I’ve ever been on. Its great to get away from all that military, specs ops stuff and just do a fun cops vs robbers mission)