The ground vehicle spawn needs to be moved to the main airport.

It’s a bad idea to have vehicle crews either wait 10+ minutes to get a helicopter transport, or drive 10+ klicks to the nearest AO. Here are some reasons why it takes so long to get a helicopter transport:

  1. There are a fair few jets on the server, which are usually prioritized by pilots.
  2. I doubt that pilots want to fly 10+ klicks to the nearest AO either (Also an argument to move the base back to the AAC airfield.)
  3. Few people actually take the helicopter transports to the AO. They would rather HALO jump to the AO in seconds rather than wait 5 or more minutes for a helicopter transport (Which I’d use to argue for the removal/limitation of HALO jumping. HALO jumping can also encourage Lone Wolfing, but that’s another story.) When I have flown transport helicopters on Altis, I usually only take 2 or 3 people out of the main base because of this.

The vehicle spawn should be moved to the AOFL Rewards section of the airfield, while the rewards section could be moved to either the AAC Airfield or back to the big salt lake.

While this probably wouldn’t solve the problem altogether, it would be more convenient for vehicle crews both ground and air alike, as air assets would not need to spend time traveling back and forth across the entire map to transport tanks. Armor crews would benefit not only from increased transport capability, but it would be shorter and easier to travel halfway across the map in any direction than rather across the entire map.

PS: Massive shoutout to helicopter pilots who spend their time on transporting our vehicles.

Good Morning Fellow Gamer,

The spawn used to be at the airport actually for quite awhile. It used to be there for I believe 1.5 years roughly. The reasons we relocated it were many but some key points I recall for the update about it were as follows:

-More mission spawn locations

-Less chance of enemys at base

-Less vehicle griefing of aircraft by trolls or griefers

-More transport safety from take off and resupply for CAS due to previous large presence of forces drawing AI to the spawn point at the center of the map.

Hopefully more admins and expierenced “Nakkers” can comment more. This is what I remember and I hope you see the reasons they were made. as well the tip is as always considered in the gameplay here at Nak.

Gaming hard or hardly gaming,


I was told it helps with frame rate also. I know the location sucks. Everyone who use to fly helis has pretty much gave up on transport. When base hq was closer to the airport we had a lot more people who took the transport and we often had 5+ pilots just doing transport and heavy load. Your request has been made before but the complaints for lag far outweigh the few complaints from transport pilots. I’m sure if you search the forums you can see exactly what was said and explained.

just to be blunt only way you going to make transport even something… is remove Halo jumps… GL on that ever happening.

No most the time before the base hq move me, Lorenzo, and Rolla use to all 3 fly transports at the same time and stay busy. I noticed a huge drop after the move. Which is understandable I wouldn’t wait for transport either.

I think most transports come from the aircraft carrier now. It’s only 2km from the base. It has all the helicopters you need (it has 6 transport helicopters and 1 attack helicopter). Only the Mohawk is missing on the aircraft carrier.

They have always come from the carrier but both carrier and base hq were closer to the airport in a more centralized locations making it faster to transport.

Only since the release of the jets dlc.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. Please remember that NAK Squad does have other servers that may offer what you are looking for. I know the other servers do not have the number of players online that Altis does, but once a server has 7 - 10 players on, the rate at which new players join grows quickly, it seems to grow exponentially.

You might want to look at the Lythium server, You do have to have the Lythium and JBAD mods, and optionally Task Force radio, but the layout and placement of the HQ is much like what you are asking for.

You can find the mods for our Lythium server here: Steam Workshop::NAK Lythium
and the server can be found at: [NAK] | Nak#3 | I&A | LYTHIUM