The Blue Circle

Based on my observation, it’s better NOT to have the Blue Circle indicated on map for the Invade & Annex servers. Reasons being:

  1. The AO is almost 2.5km from one end to the other, but most bluefor infantry players are only heading straight into the Blue Circle at start, whether in groups or individuals who HALO. They seem to have forgotten / doesn’t want to OR have no idea that it’s the whole of the Red Zone thats needs to be searched and cleared, not only Vipers in the Blue Circle.

  2. The infantry players who finished clearing the Blue Circle, are either idling OR not searching elsewhere.

  3. Jet and HELI pilots bombing the Blue Circle area and cleared it. But infantrys are still moving in as usual, only to find there’s nothing left to kill. Example of this is when the Blue Circle area spawns on open grounds or terrains.

I’ve seen EIs which are either:

  • standing stationary far from the Blue Circle.
  • spawning at some remote spots.
  • walking out of the red zone.
  • in white 2 storey building and towers far from the Blue Circle.

Most times those mentioned above are the few EIs left in order to finish the AO, but either no one is looking for them on foot, HELI pilots or players in tanks and vehicles not searching.

You can still have Vipers right in the middle of any AO, but removing the Blue Circle indicator will have players spreading out everywhere and clearing the whole Red Zone effectively.

This is not a mission issue but a player issue. I have been around the server long enough to tell you that removing the blue circle will not stop players from halo’ing into the middle of the map. They have always done this.

I do not believe that removing the blue circle will do anything to fix the issues you have stated.

I do however think that a good solution would be to have the blue circle offset from the center. If there is more than one town in the AO the logic should pick one randomly offset from the center.

This way the players that halo to the center of the AO will not be in the center of all of the action. This will give multiple points of action in the AO.

The return of reinforcements will also help drive players to the edges of the AO.

I dont see players going straight into middle of AO on other Invade Annex servers. This is indeed unique on NAKs.

Why players halo in the centre is because they want to have more kills then other players. They also know that there is AI in side house or any building which they must clear and gives them a challenge to do so. Outside the blue circle AI are hardly in any buildings, you may find one or to but not like it is inside the circle.

If AA inf wasn’t in the AO i would think that heli transport pilots would just drop playeds somewhere close to the blue circle or inside.

This is just what i’ve seen over the amount of time the blue circle was added and what player actions would be if we changed a few things