1. Seems TFAR radio frequencies still cannot be set within a radio’s memory settings after respawn. So after each respawn, the player still needs to set the radio frequency. (I thought this was fixed in TFAR a six months ago or so? Or is it, and now it’s up to the server admin to program the default radio frequencies? Not sure how TFAR developer fixed this, but thought this was fixed.

  2. It’s a good idea for the map scenario developer to post default Short Range and Long Range radio frequencies on the map for others to know what the radio frequencies are. (eg. Long Range Frequency 80.0MHz; Short Range Frequency 70.2MHz.) Otherwise, new users will be oblivious and not use TFAR at all.

  3. There’s a new feature within TFAR, the ability to install/set an antenna repeater. Not sure if this is within the developer or Git version, but as far as I know, it is definitely planned if not already implemented. An example of the benefits, when at the AO players cannot talk to other players at the base due to distance of the short range radios. Once a repeater antenna installed at the AO, players should then be able to speak to the players at base (and vice versa) using their short range frequency. (Also, kind of keeps the players at base in the know as well!)

  1. Do i need to program anything ?
  2. added
  3. idk anything about that one !!!

For his first point, it does not work this way for me. When I respawn my channels remain set. They even remained after I aborted out of the game an came back I had a quick conversation with CopOut and his work as expected as well. This may be a user specific issue, and we will be happy to try and help resolve next time he is online.

For the second point we had posted the channels in TS (both in the Title of the group and the description), so that if the channels changed at some point we would not have to edit the map, but adding it for now is fine. We were just trying to keep from adding additional work for Claws.

For the third point, I think that there are advantages to a full-tac server in not implementing a repeater. If someone is that far from his squad then he needs to be closer or the player would need to talk to command to get instructions on how to and which team to deploy to. If we add the repeaters we are going to go back to playing like how it is done not on Altis #1, where everyone is spread across the map and it is a free for all. If we add the repeater it would be no different then opening all of the default in game chat channels, (except we would not get all of the fancy sound effects and static).