TFAR and TeamSpeak - Invalid Parameter size error

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, in regard to an error that you might see with TeamSpeak and Task Force Radio. The specific error was “Invalid Parameter size” in TeamSpeak and TeamSpeak repeated the error every an error 4 -5 seconds.

There are two potential causes for this error, but the one we will see most often is caused by having a Arma 3 profile name shorter than 3 characters. When you join the server with TFAR enabled, TFAR will match your TeamSpeak Nickname to your in game profile name. Unfortunately TeamSpeak does not support names less than 3 characters.
The only solution at this time is to change your Arma profile name to be at least 3 characters.

The second cause of this error, but much less common, is if you have a phonetic name configured and that name is less than 3 characters.

We have a few players that have in game profile names shorter that 3 characters, so keep this in mind if they get an error.

Vile Ace