Terms and Meanings for NAK zeus or Tactical missions

Greetings to all who shall read this information, my name ingame is Leshii.
Here is a list and short description of things you may hear or see ingame.

Some of these are already common jargon or phrases. There are also varieties of them as well.

APC - Armored Personnel Carrier

AO - Area of Operations every unit has a Area of Operation the Area that they are responsible for and everyone has to inform them about everything going on.

Azimuth - A bearing from North usually on a compass.

Battery - Is an artillery unit equivalent to a company. This can be any sort of indirect fire weapon.

CAS - Close Air Support provided by any friendly Air units in the area of operations.

Cache - Is a hidden supply of weapons, food, or other military items.

CP - Command Post, a unit commander’s location, frequently without adequate forces
to engage a sizeable enemy force. Also used for Check Point–a predetermined location that
could be called in over the radio without fear of disclosing a unit location while on they were
on the move; for example, CP1, CP2 and so on, these could be close together or far apart

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

EOD - Explosive Ordinance Disposal–a bomb removal expert

Klick - Is a kilometer which is a square on a map. 1000 meters refer to distance of travel or location from a known point.

RECON - Reconnaissance going out into the jungle to observe for the purpose of identifying enemy activity, to get information.

I will notate more next week. Enjoy!

ROE/Rules of Engagement - The specific regulations for the conduct of air and surface battles

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