Teamspeak v.2018.02

Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed there have been a number of recent changes to the TeamSpeak server. I have taken over the TeamSpeak responsibilities from another admin and altered a number of permissions. These are the permissions that affect players the most but there was a lot done that won’t be noticeable. If you are ever lacking the ability to do something then please let me know.

  • Enforcement of “Do not idle” in the lobby. After 30 minutes of inactivity a user will be kicked from the server. If you have not received permissions during this time just come back in. Remember: typing admin i need ts permissions in game will ping admins and let us know.

  • NAK ELITE and NAK DONOR: Channel creation and modification - Ability to set/change name, password, topic, description, and needed talk power. Elite and Donor have a talk power of 20 while other enlisted are below this value. However, they cannot grant talk power (it’s a global permission) so if you set talk power so that only elites can talk or CPL up then only those groups can talk until you change the channel talk power to a lower value. There isn’t much value that I can see in that yet but the power is there.

  • NAK ELITE and NAK DONOR can now add the pilot and uav operator channel groups to clients for the moment. You can change your own channel group or others as well if you wish (for example if ATC wants to keep track of who is who). I am not giving them permission to grant ATC just yet as that gives priority speaker powers which arguably should be an admin granted permission.

I plan to add in CAS/CAP and Transport groups in case users/ATC want to get more specific. When I do this I’ll throw in the ability to assign ATC to yourself/another player but if any of this gets abused then it will be removed from the server. We’ll give it a shot first though.

Amazing :heart_eyes:

I’ll actually be finishing up the vortex and transport channel groups tomorrow as well (I’m really just down to order and fix the icons). So Elite and Donors will be able to grant and remove Pilot, Vortex, and Transport channel groups.

I figured some people might want to show their specific role in teamspeak through channel groups and I left the Pilot channel group for players who are doing both transport and CAS/CAP aircraft and don’t want to constantly change their channel group.