TeamSpeak Ranks

As you may have already noticed, there are several ranks next to user’s names in TeamSpeak.

Players first joining TS are assigned the rank of Private and will remain at that rank until they have a recorded 20 hours in any of our NAK Arma 3 servers. This time is generally based off of the Admins’ Battlemetrics program which keeps a log of player’s game time. The ranks progress up until Sergeant, where a player has attained 80+ hours in the Arma 3 servers. Ranks above Sergeant will be assigned based on participation in the Zeus server and possibly the TFAR (TFR) servers. Here are the basic TS ranks based on hours:

00-20 Private
21-40 Private First Class
41-60 Specialist
61-80 Corporal
81+ Sergeant

The process for moving to the next rank will occur when an Admin is available to check a player’s hours and make the assignment in TS, while the player is currently in TS. The promotion recognition is not automatic, so please be patient. If you believe your rank is due for a promotion, based on Arma 3 hours, please contact an Admin in TS for review.

Thank you for participating in our community and your continued support!