TeamSpeak name Ban appeal

Name: FlyingJebus.
Steam ID:
Ban message (TeamSpeak3): You are banned permanently. Reason: “Please change your name so that it matches your in-game name.”

I have no idea of the time or Adminstrator that gave me the ban since this was on TeamSpeak3.<<<

I usually visit the server on TS and that was about 3-4 months ago (I wasn’t even playing Arma 3 at the time). It’s just now that I’ve realized that I was banned because I came back from vacation.

ok try again

The name “TeamSpeakUser” has been banned from the TeamSpeak server and since the ban was placed, over 100 attempts to join the server under this alias have been made and prevented. Too many times we have had anonymous users join the server under this name and have failed to match their name with their in-game name, which causes problems with administering the servers.

The ban was temporarily removed so that you might join TS. However, I have replaced the ban on the name “TeamSpeakUser” and you will no longer be able to use that name when connecting.

Please set your game name into your TeamSpeak profile to alleviate this problem and ensure that the name you join TeamSpeak under is the name you are playing under in the game servers.

Thank you for understanding.