TeamSpeak Install and more.

Attached is a TeamSpeak help document for NAK servers.

  • It includes step by step instructions on how to install TeamSpeak.
  • How to connect to NAK’s TeamSpeak server
  • Answers to some common questions about TeamSpeak
  • and Some Tips to take your usage to TeamSpeak to the next level.

TeamSpeak Install and more
If you have any comments about the document please feel free to let us know.


It is not required for you to have a mic. As long as you can hear and respond to admins in TeamSpeak you will be fine. In TeamSpeak you will be able to respond via text.

Thought I followed all the steps, just get “insufficient permission” ??

All new players on the server need to be approved. We did send you a notification when you connected to the server. If an Admin does not see you, you may poke any of the admins online. You only have to do this once. After you have your rank, you will be able to join in the future without having to wait.