TeamSpeak and channel advice please

In a long week of practice both in the editor and on the MP Altis server, this old Noob has become a pretty fair heli pilot, and has had his first ever taste of multiplayer action after 30 years of solo gaming. However, one thing continues to elude me. I can’t quite figure out how to reach other players through TeamSpeak.

When I sign in as a pilot I move to the Altis pilot channel (with the list of all active pilots), but I can never seem to communicate with any of my passengers nor hear any pilot chatter from any of the other active pilots on the list. I continue to ask for mic checks while in flight but I never get a response from passengers. Maybe the passengers are NOT on TeamSpeak? Maybe they just don’t bother to communicate. I get only visual messages about missions and changes. As a pilot am I supposed to also get verbal messages from HQ?

When logging in as a ground-pounder I make note of what the unit name is when I sign into a slot. Let’s say it’s Bravo 3-1. I switch TeamSpeak to the Bravo channel on Altis, but my call sign is the only one that shows up in the Bravo channel list and I don’t usually hear anyone else speaking. And where ARE those other Bravo 3-1 players on the map? Am I not supposed to attempt to somehow connect up with them, as a member of their unit? Can I hear them and communicate with them on Bravo channel even if they’re across the map somewhere?

This whole communication system is a bit mind boggling…or maybe I’m just clueless. And before you ask, Yes, I have tested my mic inside the TeamSpeak software, and it shows it’s working (I don’t have side tone). I use Bose noise cancelling headphones and a desktop mic, and also TrackIr V5.

What an I missing here? Is there another info source I can visit? thanks in advance.

So TeamSpeak and Arma are different comm systems (exception of TFAR).

Very rarely are there players actually utilizing the Alpha / Bravo / etc sub channels. Most players (ground or pilot) are in the pilots channel communicating there as opposed to in game. This is beneficial in that ground units in teamspeak have direct communication with the pilots.

Really the slots have no meaning since this is a more relaxed public server. (FSG, pilots, uav, ATC being the exceptions). There is a group system that we added that can be used to create and join groups which overrides your starting group. You can do this by pressing U. It can be a bit screwy but i find if it wont let me scroll then i just use arrow keys and pg up / pg down to navigate.
If you join the largest groups they tend to be the ones communicating more and working together. You could also start your own and invite people to it. Opening up the group menu (U) and cross referencing names with names on the map is one way to find your own group mates.

[*]In-game comms

  • Global channel: Communicate with everyone, friend or foe. Since there are only AI enemies this doesn’t really apply

  • Side channel: Communicate with all friendly forces (blufor in this case)

  • Command channel: Communicate with squad leaders. Not very useful since squads aren’t generally organized and squad leaders tend to change

  • Group: Used to communicate with everyone in your current group. The most useful way to work together with people on the server.

  • Vehicle: Communicate with everyone in your vehicle

  • Direct comms: Text is visible to everyone nearby. Voice is a bit different because voice is actually transmitted across the effects volume in arma. I find it hard to hear people when they talk in direct but it is directional and it is a good way to talk with the people right next to you instead of everyone in the group

To add onto what Golden wrote, when you use the Push-to-talk feature of team speak, it is automatically mapped to the “Caps Lock” key which is used to talk in-game as well. If you are a helicopter pilot flying transport, and you are trying to communicate with people in your helicopter by pressing the “Full Stop” key a few times to change to “Vehicle Channel”, and then pressing Caps Lock to speak to them, you may end up speaking in the Vehicle Channel for everyone in your helicopter, and to everyone in the “Altis Pilot” channel on team speak. If you don’t want this to happen, on the top bar of your Team speak press on Tools, then options, then capture and you will see Caps Lock set as your “hot key” to talk to people. you can click on that hot key setting and then press another button, such as the “Tab” key (above the Caps Lock key), to set your team speak talking to a different button. Then you can cycle through channels in-game and press Caps Lock to talk “In-game” and for people on Team Speak, you can press the “Tab” key to speak to them separately.

Quite often, people that are not on team speak may not have mic’s or wouldn’t bother communicating with a helicopter pilot. You can usually get some response by asking them "Type in Vehicle Channel if you want me to fly you to either Main AO or Side AO. If they are not talking, from my experience, quite often they will either write “Main” or “Side” or “Whichever one you want”. And yes, everyone on the server will get visual messages of Side and Main Areas of Operation (AO) when they are spawning, when a certain objective is completed or when that particular AO is completed.

If you want further clarification, scroll down on team speak until you see [ADMINISTRATION ROOMS], everyone in there is an admin of the server and all of them are very friendly and helpful. You can right click their name and press the “Poke Client” button and write a short message like “Need to speak to you privately to clarify communicating in Arma.” When the admin is available, they will pull you aside and talk you through the whole process.

One final thing, please do not “talk” on Global or Side chat channels in-game. This is an important rule, otherwise we will have 50 people talking on those channels and the words would be in-decipherable. you can however, “type” in those channels as much as you wish. Hope we helped clarify a few things. Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

Very helpful guys - thanks. All those functions are far from intuitive, and even after explanations, still sound so complicated it makes me just want to ignore it all. Maybe there should be a help section somewhere outlining this stuff.

I realize it’s all a bit moot, since, in my very short MP experience, especially on this type of server, it seems the term, “cooperative” is, largely, irrelevant! I have only had a couple of brief experiences where I ended up with a small group which, even without voice, understood the fun in staying together and working as a group to achieve an objective. Maybe that just comes with having lived for seven decades, instead of one and a half! Thanks for all the effort you mods put in for us. It would seem to be a thankless task from what I’ve seen!