I know I might be getting impatient, but I’m just wondering when It will come online. I know you guys said at the begging of feb. And its the 7th as I’m writing this. So I apologize for being impatient but I’m just super excited for the Tanoa server to come online. :slight_smile:

I have to write 82 AOs + 26 side missions.
1 h25 == Time to write 1 ao
25 min == debug “make sure all AIs spawn properly”
45 min == one side mission
I am almost there , just need time :slight_smile:

The original estimate for Tanoa being back online was pushed back slightly, do to bugs with our active servers. As it gets closer we will post updates.

You have to realize that there is a lot that goes into running a community as big as NAK. We have 3 games servers online 24 hours a day, a website and the TeamSpeak server, a lot of what goes on is not visible to the end user.

Claws is the only person writing code for the servers, so please try to be patent. He want to make sure that when Tanoa come back online it is a server worth being proud of.

any update on tanoa?

We did bring back Tanoa, after these posts, but after 2 months it was getting less than 1% usage. We decided to try using a map that people did not have to buy, so we launched a Lythium server. Although it is not utilized as much as we would like, it is doing much better than the Tanoa map.

There is no intention at this time to run a Tanoa server.