Tanoa Update

NAK I&A Tanoa

The server is still in “development”, still being fine tuned to give everyone a balanced and fun experience. This thread is going to be for players that have tips, suggestions, and report on bugs or in any unbalances that the server may bring to your attention. If you have not already and/or wish to try it out, please do, and give your feedback so that we may tune it to the players’ wants and experiences

I&A server 24/7 Tanoa

Hi again would reccomend you add some Missions/AOs at The harbour Black Pearl specifically or another places and large cities like George town and airfields kinda like in Altis. It would be nice to see some Airfield Base attack missions and maybe give the enemy some Tripod HMG defenses like on altis. Also I would like for you to readd the Concrete platform docks at the Boats HQ so we can get to our boats easily and maybe readd the RHIB and add an Arsenal for my friends that want to do diving missions