Summary for open event on April 28th and May 1st

The year is 2006, NAK Tactical forces have been asked to deploy to the island nation of Sahrani to support the United Nations in providing border security and training to the Kingdom of South Sahrani. Once on ground NAK Tactical will be used primarily as a fast deployment team.

Sahrani is an island located in the Atlantic ocean. It is divided into two nations, the monarchic Kingdom of South Sahrani, headed by King Joseph III, and the communist Democratic Republic of Sahrani in the north. The Kingdom of South Sahrani is supported by the United Nations and the United States. It is believed that the Democratic Republic of Sahrani is being supplied, if not supported directly by the Soviet Union.

The Democratic Republic of Sahrani does have its own armed forces, known as the Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA). Its soldiers are outfitted mostly with Soviet-designed weaponry such as the AK-74. Air support is provided by Su-34 multi-role jet aircraft, helicopters used by the SLA include Ka-50s and Mi-8s, and groud support is provided by T-55 and T-72 tanks and a variety of APC’s. It is important not to underestimate the SLA.

In the south the The Royal Army Corps of Sahrani are the armed forces for the Kingdom of Sahrani. South Sahrani soldiers are armed with NATO weapons. They have no heavy main battle tanks, and a rather small number of M113 armored personnel carriers and Land Rover Defenders. They have no sizable air force or navy, instead only a small number of helicopters and inflatable rafts used for littoral transportation.

In the south you will also find NATO forces, but their primary role is humanitarian aid and protection. If full scale engagements were to happen NATO forces would be forced to withdraw. The United States has been supporting the Kingdom of Sahrani and as such NAK Tac may see United States military, PMC from the west, and possibly CIA contacts.

Relations between the nations are rapidly deteriorating, and civilians from both sides, but primarily from the north, are migrating across the border. Some analyst believe that it will not be long before there is an all at war between the north and the south. If a war erupts the United Nations will be forced to leave unless there is absolute proof that troops from the Soviet Union are actively engaging in the fight.

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